CANDY on Hulu is a new true-crime mini-series in five episodes. It’s running as a five-night event so while one episode is released at a time, it’s all out in just one week. Jessica Biel stars in the title role and she is brilliant. Actually, the entire cast is amazing. Read our full Candy series review here!

CANDY is a new Hulu limited series in five episodes. We’re in the true-crime genre since this story is based on a real story. Obviously, this also means you can look up the outcome if you’re not familiar with this case.

Since it’s a true-crime case from 1980, many will probably have forgotten about it. Or never even heard about it. I’m in the latter category, but I can see why a mini-series is being made. This Hulu series is being released as a five-night event so by Friday, you’ll be able to binge-watch the entire limited series.

Continue reading our Candy series review below and start watching the true-crime series on Hulu from May 9, 2022.

A fascinating true-crime case

As mentioned earlier, this is based on a true crime from 1980. I was not familiar with it, though I believe I have heard it mentioned. I mean, how many times do you hear about an “ax murderer” in more modern times?! Actually, two series are coming about here in 2022 that both cover this same true story.

While Jessica Biel (The Sinner) plays the title role of Candy Montgomery in this Hulu series, Elizabeth Olsen (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) plays her in the upcoming mini-series Love and Death which will be out on HBO Max later this year.

Aside from having these very strong and capable actors portraying a real person, both casts are full of other amazing actors. For the purpose of staying relevant, we’ll focus on the cast of Hulu’s Candy for this review.

Candy – Review | Hulu True Crime Mini Series

Jessica Biel is mesmerizing

Obviously, Jessica Biel is amazing in this role. You should know that from just watching the trailer. Also, she is a producer on the series as well – just as she was with The Sinner and most other things she acts in now. Her portrayal of Candy Montgomery is nuanced and honest, with respect for the real person, she was in 1980 and the things she did.

And since I do have a big place in my heart for the ever-brilliant Melanie Lynskey, I have to mention her after the actor in the title role. Also, she plays Betty Gore who is the woman killed in this true crime. A murder that does happen in episode 1 of Candy though we do not see the specifics. Just quick flashes of the crime scene to round out the episode.

Fortunately, Melanie Lynskey is enjoying an amazing career in the best TV Series. While she does play a character that is brutally murdered in this Hulu mini-series, we will see more of her in the following episodes. After all, we need to understand how it came to this.


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As Allan Gore, Betty’s husband, we see Pablo Schreiber (Orange is the New Black, Defending Jacob) who delivers a heart-breaking and intense performance from the very beginning of this series. Timothy Simons (Don’t Worry Darling) is also a husband in this series since he plays Pat Montgomery who is married to Candy.

Start watching the Candy mini-series on Hulu now!

The creators of the Hulu series Candy are Robin Veith and Nick Antosca with Robin Veith as the showrunner. The two have worked together previously on The Act (2019) which was another Hulu series based on a true crime.

Nick Antosca also created the horror-fantasy anthology Channel Zero and the Netflix series Brand New Cherry Flavor. Finally, he wrote the story (and co-wrote the screenplay) for the amazing horror-drama Antlers (2021) and produced the new Chucky series which will be getting a season 2. He’s becoming a force in genre productions and he’s not even 40 years old yet.

I know not everyone enjoys series that are released with one (or few) episodes at a time. Personally, I can still enjoy having to wait. For this series, there is plenty that will keep you coming back. The stellar cast in particular, which has Jessica Biel (yet again) delivering a great performance, is more than enough reason to check this out. And again, it’s a true crime featuring an ax murder… so there’s that!

The five episodes in Candy will be aired over the course of five days with the final episodes out on Friday the 13th, 2022. Incidentally, the murder also took place on a Friday the 13th (June 13, 1980) which is when the series begins in episode 1.

Candy premieres on Hulu on Monday, May 9, 2022.


Creators: Robin Veith, Nick Antosca
Stars: Jessica Biel, Melanie Lynskey, Pablo Schreiber, Adam Bartley, Timothy Simons


Candy Montgomery is a 1980s housewife and mother who did everything right – but when the pressure of conformity builds within her, her actions scream for just a bit of freedom. Until someone tells her to shush. With deadly results.

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