ALL THE MOONS (org. title Ilargi Guztiak) is a vampire movie with a lot of heart. Featuring both the classic vampire elements as well as a few new twists. A wonderful horror fantasy. We screened this at Fantasia 2021, but it will be out on Shudder in February 2022. Read our full All the Moons movie review here!

ALL THE MOONS (org. title Ilargi Guztiak) is a vampire movie in the horror, drama, and fantasy genres. It’s a production from Spain and France, but the language is Basque. In other words, even if you know Spanish, you can expect to be in need of subtitles.

However, dialogue isn’t prevalent in this movie where our main protagonist also spends a decade all alone. While you will see many of the classic vampire elements (ie. drinking blood to stay alive), this one also has a few new twists. Nothing weird or forced, but just some interesting perspectives on the whole immortality “gift”.

Continue reading our All the Moons movie review below. We screened the movie during Fantasia 2021.

A wonderful horror fantasy with lots of heart!

All the Moons is one of those movies that is truly worthy of a “the less you know, the better”-moniker. Sure, you can know that it’s a vampire story and that a girl is the main character. Most other details are something you should experience for yourself.

However, I do want to mention that the title refers to the fact the newborn vampire is told that she’ll get to see all the moons. What she isn’t told is that she’ll also see a lot of death and suffering. Sometimes she will even be a part of it.

The vampires just want to survive and they are not inherently evil or predatory. I mean, they do drink blood, so there’s that. However, since the story begins in 1876 and continues into the next century, there are plenty of wars (not least in Spain). This means soldiers hurt and dying, and then it’s hardly murder if you speed up their departure by drinking them dry.

Also, I can reveal that in this vampire story, each vampire can only create one new vampire. Essentially, you need to choose carefully and not waste your one chance. Plus, they try to allow potential vampires to choose for themselves if they want to become a vampire. However, most are not in situations where they understand the consequences.

Including our main character, a young girl.

All the Moons / Ilargi Guztiak – Review

A cast with quite a few familiar faces

I was very surprised that All the Moons featured so many familiar faces. The main character of Amaia, the young vampire girl who will never grow up, is portrayed by newcomer Haizea Carneros. I would have never guessed that Haizea Carneros was new to the screen. She is a natural and raw talent that I’m sure Spanish film will benefit from!

In other key roles, we see familiar faces such as that of Josean Bengoetxea. Yeah, I didn’t know his name either, but I recognized his face and can tell you a few (I suspect) recognizable productions, he’s been in. Josean Bengoetxea was in the Spanish Harlan Coben series El inocente on Netflix.


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Also, he was in the horror-thriller El pacto (2018) and the brilliant crime-thriller May God Save Us. In All the Moons, he plays the character with the most screentime after Amaia (Haizea Carneros). In a smaller, but extremely important role, we see Itziar Ituño. You may recognize her from the Netflix series Money Heist.

Both these adult actors are also part of the cast in Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City (also on Netflix).

Check out All the Moons on Shudder!

Igor Legarreta is the director and co-writer of All the Moons. He previously directed When You No Longer Love Me (org. title Cuando dejes de quererme) which was his feature film debut. Also, he co-wrote the sci-fi action drama Autómata starring Antonio Banderas. Writing the screenplay for All the Moons with Igor Legarreta is Jon Sagalá.

Finally, I just have to mention Zorion Equileor is also in this movie as a priest. He was in the Netflix movie The Platform, which was such an amazing sci-fi, horror, thriller hybrid. In that movie, he especially said the one-word “Obvio” (“obviously”) a lot.


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Even though he plays a minor character in All the Moons, he still makes an impact!

When you get the chance to watch All the Moons, then you definitely should. It’s not a crazy horror-action movie, but it does have a lot to offer as a solid vampire story with wonderful characters.

All the Moons screened at the Fantasia International Film Festival 2021, which is where we watched it. It will be out on Shudder from February 10, 2022.


DIRECTOR: Igor Legarreta
WRITER: Igor Legarreta, Jon Sagala
CAST: Haizea Carneros, Itziar Ituño, Josean Bengoetxea, Zorion Eguileor


As war rages through 1876 Spain, an orphanage is bombed and a young girl (Haizea Carneros) is gravely injured. She is rescued by a woman (Itziar Ituño) whom she perceives to be an angel, and who heals her wounds, while telling the girl she must now avoid the daylight. She also promises the girl that she will see many more full moons, and when more soldiers attack, they are forced to flee into the wilderness. The two become separated, and the girl is forced to take shelter, facing an uncertain future – and one that will last far beyond that of ordinary human beings.

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