THE PLATFORM is a horror/sci-fi/thriller on Netflix. This Spanish movie feels very relevant and current now – even though it’s fiction. Still, living in this Coronavirus world feels like living in a Sci-Fi Horror movie. Read our The Platform review here!

The Platform is a horror/sci-fi movie on Netflix. It’s from Spain (org. title El hoyo) and it’s both terrifying and fascinating to watch. Also, yes, it does feel all too relevant and relatable – in an obscure way, of course.

If you feel like staying at home is the worst thing ever, then I honestly think The Platform on Netflix just might make you feel better. I mean, even though things are bad right now, they’re not as bad as in this Netflix movie!

Also, the cast in this movie is spectacular! So many interesting characters and amazing actors including Zorion Eguileor, Antonia San Juan (All About My Mother), Emilio Buale, and Alexandra Masangkay. A hugely diverse set of actors and characters! Finally, we have Ivan Massagué (Pan’s Labyrinth) as the main character Goreng.

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Cube meets The Divide

From the moment, I watched the trailer for The Platform, I immediately related the plot of this movie to others. First, the amazing horror sci-fi movie Cube from 1997 by Vince Natali (he recently directed In the Tall Grass for Netflix). If you haven’t watched it yet, then please do yourself a favor and check it out.

Second, once the really brutal parts of the trailer came, the horror sci-fi movie The Divide from 2011. Directed by Xavier Gens, who also made the amazing Frontière(s), it stars Milo Ventimiglia, Lauren German, Rosanna Arquette, Michael Biehn and more.

I have never forgotten this movie nor do I have a desire ever to watch it again. It is so cruel and brutal (yes, that seems to my word of the day), however, it’s also very realistic in terms of showing just how bad human nature can be. Or become!

If you enjoy The Platform, then you should actually check out The Divide but be ready for some truly nasty and extremely violent scenes! In other words, much like what you get with The Platform.

The Platform Netflix Review

The brutal plot of this Netflix horror movie

In a very weird and obscure way, The Platform on Netflix almost feels like a horror/sci-fi spoof on the world we’re currently living in. Supermarkets all over the world are completely empty some days and people are fighting for the scraps left behind.

The current situation isn’t about actual shortage, so it’s more panic than starvation. But what if this continued and we were all trapped in one place with the same amount of food that showed up at random times? That’s the plot of The Platform and it is brutal.

If you’ve watched the trailer for The Platform, then you know what to expect. If you haven’t, then you probably should. Just to know what you’re in for. I mean, horror is one thing, but this is a truly intense and violent experience because it’s about people fighting for food and survival.

Shining a light on first world problems

It’s like a really f***ed up version of the reality show Survivor set in a concrete building instead of an island. In fact, the lead character signed up for this voluntarily – for others, it’s an actual prison where they’re serving time.

Basically, it’s one big commentary on the world we’re living in.

For one, it’s how people in the “developed” world are running marathons and doing detox diets and fasts. In other parts of the world, it seems crazy that we would do this. They are already walking marathons just for water and are forced to fast. That’s why we joke about “first world problems”.

It’s also why people are puzzled that the main character in The Platform has chosen to voluntarily go into this prison. Especially because he does so in order to get a “certificate” – just like a medal for some race. However, this is not just another challenge or race. This is life or death!

Also, the world in The Platform is a commentary in terms of social realism. There’s enough food for everyone in The Platform if people “only” took what they needed.

Much like how there’s plenty of food and money for everyone in the real world to be fine. However, we still have the 1% with most of the wealth and power and millions living with scraps.

Watch The Platform on Netflix now!

This sci-fi horror movie was directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. This is his feature film debut which is very impressive. The brutality and courage to just “go there” with realism is creepy, scary and strangely fascinating.

Of course, Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia is “just” filming what someone else came up with. The screenplay was written by David Desola and Pedro Rivero. They’ve both written some short films and feature films in the past, but nothing I’m familiar with.

David Desola already has another two movies, he co-wrote, in post-production now. The horror movie The Containment and the thriller El practicante. Both are set for release here in 2020.

The story in The Platform does take place in the future and it is sci-fi in every sense of the word. Still, the horror of it all feels strangely current which means a lot of people will probably feel the need to check it out. We’ve been following the interest for any and every movie about a virus (including, of course, zombie movies).

Honestly, living in a world currently riddled with the Coronavirus feels like living in a Sci-Fri Horror movie. So, obviously, you need to relax and watch a world where things are even worse. The Platform (or El hoyo) can definitely deliver on that!

The Platform is out on Netflix from March 20, 2020.


Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
Writers: David Desola, Pedro Rivero
Stars: Ivan Massagué, Zorion Eguileor, Antonia San Juan, Emilio Buale, Alexandra Masangkay


In a prison where inmates on high floors eat better than those below, who get the scant scraps, one man tries to effect change so everyone gets enough.

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