13 COMMANDMENTS is a new thriller series on Netflix. The series is from Belgium where it originally premiered. It features a serial attacker using the 10 commandments as guidelines. Full 13 Commandments review here!

13 Commandments is a new thriller series on Netflix. The series originally aired in Belgium where it was produced. Now it’s receiving a much wider release on Netflix where it should find a huge audience.

Afterall, 13 Commandments features a serial attacker who uses the 10 commandments to decide who to go after. Also, by the end of episode 1, you will know that this killer just might be helping the police.

Read our full Season 1 13 Commandments review below.

References to both Dexter and Se7en

Right off the bat, we get references to two great serial killer stories. First, the police are looking for evidence to arrest a murderer while commenting that there must be something. The reasoning behind this is “He’s not Dexter!” and so they believe some evidence should be there.

And they’re right in thinking this since we all know the man they’ve arrested is guilty of the murder in question. 13 Commandments actually opens with showing us the murder and this man is definitely the killer.

However, this particular murder doesn’t seem to be what the plot is all about. When they come across a message refering to one of the ten commandments, one detective looks at the other and goes “And you’re Brad Pitt in Se7en“. In other words, they are very honest about the pop culture references that seem to inspire both their perpetrator and the plot of this series.

Finally, before episode 1 of 13 Commandments is over, you’ll probably get the idea that the 10 commandments vigilante just might be a Dexter kind of person. You’ll know exactly what I mean, when the ending comes along. Though, of course, Dexter would leave no trace!

13 Commandments – Review – Netflix Series

The main characters of 13 Commandments 

We have two main protagonists in 13 Commandments and they are very different. One is a detective on the verge of retirement, Peter Devriendt (Dirk van Dijck). He seems to have a good heart and cannot say no to his own daughter. There’s clearly more to him than first meets the eye since he has a lot of history from previous cases.

The other is a young female officer, Vicky Degraeve (Marie Vinck), who has been working in a Special Unit (similar to SWAT). However, a car accident a few years ago has left her with a back in constant pain. She decides to retire but is offered a job as a detective where she becomes the partner of Devriendt.

Along with these two detectives, we have two other detectives who are very interesting in more off-beat ways.  And, of course, we have a lot more characters involved with both the murder cases and the police.

From the same country as The Break

Unlike the other Belgian thriller series The Break, this one takes place in the Flemish part of Belgium. The Break was in the French speaking part, so the language might give you the feeling that the two shows are from different countries.

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Then again, if you liked The Break then 13 Commandments should also be your cup of tea. The very normal and real characters makes this series more similar to a British crime series than an American production. Nobody looks like a supermodel or has a fancy office in this Netflix series.

Watch season 1 of 13 Commandments on Netflix now!

Season 1 of 13 Commandments consists of 13 episodes (very appropriate, of course). Each episode is around the 45-minute mark, so while it is possible to bingewatch the series, it’s not a quick binge. 

Of course, neither is Mindhunter and I know I easily watched each season over a weekend. If you are into serial killer stories, then be sure to check out Mindhunter, which is based on real serial killers and real-life FBI agents.

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13 Commandments was created by Rita Bossaer, Dirk Nielandt, Ed Vanderweyden and Lieven Scheerlinck. All 13 episodes were directed by Maarten Moerkerke who has directed several series in the past, so he clearly knows how to do this. This series is no exception to showing off his skills.

If you like shows like Dexter or Mindhunter, then give 13 Commandments are shot. It’s definitely worth your time!

Season 1 of 13 Commandments is out on Netflix from August 30, 2019.


Stars: Bert Haelvoet | Dirk Van Dijck | Tom Ternest | Line Pillet | Lola Rose Delany | Gokhan Girginol | Ella Leyers | Koen Van Impe | Katelijne Verbeke | Karlijn Sileghem | Marie Vinck |


In Belgium, a tough detective teams up with a damaged elite cop to hunt a Ten Commandments-inspired vigilante with a penchant for theatrical torture.

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