THE A LIST is a new teen supernatural thriller series on Netflix. The narrator creates a quirky edge but it does feature a lot of teen drama. Read our full The A List review here or just watch it on Netflix!

The A List is a new series on Netflix. It’s a teen supernatural thriller series originally produced by the BBC were it aired in October 2018. While the narrator manages to create a quirky and off-beat vibe, it does also feature a lot of teen drama. 

Yes, it will probably drive you a bit crazy. Then again, you can also choose to lean into the supernatural vibe instead. By the end of episode 1 of this new Netflix series, you will have encountered the first supernatural element. 

Season 1 has 13 episodes that are each under the 30-minute mark. Episode 2 has an ending that should definitely make you want to keep watching. Basically, you should really give this series a chance.

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Something is wrong with Peregrine Island

The new series on Netflix begins with a lot of teens arriving at a camp on Peregrine Island. As mentioned earlier, the narrator is great at setting the tone which makes everything work better. However, the strangest thing at this Peregrine camp is almost the fact that everyone immediately knows everyone’s names. I mean, without an hour or three. 

It’s just a silly little thing, but it does annoy me. Especially when someone new shows up in episode three who has supposedly been there all along. Or has she? Basically, you have to always asks questons and wonder what’s going on.

There’s also an episode that involves midsummer, which should make you think of Ari Aster’s latest movie. As crazy as this might sound if you’ve only watched one episode, the comparison to Ari Aster’s Midsommar isn’t all that far off. Not in the same way at all, but still it does feature some very strange elements.

The A List Review Netflix Series

A wonderfully diverse cast

Since The A List is a teen series, there’s also a wonderful focus on diversity in this series. Actually, that’s something British produtions are often quite good at. And this is after all a BBC production first and foremost – Netflix has simply bought the worldwide distribution rights for the series.

Also, I have to say that the diversity and inclusion feels very natural. This alone is definitely worth some points. 

The very diversity in terms of race, gender and sexuality is just a small part of the overall story. The primary plot device is definitely the supernatural bits which become increasingly intense as the series moves along. By episode 3, you will definitely know how things are working and who’s running the show.

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The supernatural vibe of The A List works really well in many ways. It does create a quite creepy vibe that should draw in a crowd. However, I imagine it will mostly do the trick for the teen audience and not so much for adult viewers.

The A List was created by Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier. The two worked together before on the online mystery drama Dixi which was created by Dan Berlinka. There’s certainly no doubt that both Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier are good at writing teen drama.

Season 1 consists of 13 half hour episodes, so it’s a quick bingewatch if you’re curious. It’s not a bad production, so it simply needs to reach the right audience. No doubt Netflix is the perfect place to do just that.

Season 1 of The A List is out on Netflix from August 30, 2019. 


Creators: Dan Berlinka, Nina Metivier
Stars: Lisa Ambalavanar, Ellie Duckles, Rosie Dwyer, Nneka Okoye, Micheal Ward, Savannah Baker, Jack Kane, Georgina Sadler, Jacob Dudman, Indianna Ryan, Cian Barry, Eleanor Bennett, Max Lohan


Mia arrives at an idyllic summer camp expecting to be Queen Bee, but the “holiday of a lifetime” turns into a twisted nightmare with the arrival of the mysterious Amber.

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