UNBRIDLED is a new Spanish Netflix thriller with the original title Animales sin collar. The viewer is kept in the dark while the story unfolds which is both good and bad. Read more in our Unbridled review here.

Unbridled is a new thriller on Netflix. The movie is from Spain and the original spanish title Animales sin collar (animals without collars) is almost more telling.

However, if you decide to watch this movie on Netflix, be ready to feel left out of the loop. You won’t know exactly what’s going on, but you will clearly sense that a lot is being said without words. In my opinion, it takes too long for the full picture to be revealed to the audience.

Learn more in our full spoiler free Unbridled review below.

The unspoken mystery

Unbridled begins very suddenly with an event that takes place years before the other events in the movie. However, we all know that this particular event will be important since it’s very dramatic. The only issue is that we don’t know exactly what went on since we don’t know all the characters and we don’t see them properly.

Then there’s a time jump and we meet a lot more characters. Mostly, the focus is on Nora (Natalia de Molina). We don’t know exactly why this is but we do know that she’s trying to keep something a secret. 

Of course, we do get a lot more information as the story moves along, but it is quite a slow journey. And as the viewer, you feel like a stranger invited to a dinner party where everyone is saying one thing, but they are clearly hearing something else. You just need to know their history to understand what they’re really saying. And you don’t.

As the husband (an up-and-coming politician), we have Abel who is portrayed by Daniel Grao. I mention him mostly because he was in the very interesting Spanish horror movie called Julia’s Eyes. One I would recommend you check out, if you haven’t watched it yet.

Unbridled (2018) Netflix Thriller Review

The ending of Unbridled

No, this isn’t a spoiler-filled “Unbridled ending explained” segment of our review. Instead, I just wanted to state that I really enjoyed the ending of this Spanish thriller.

While I found the entire reveal of the mystery to be quite underwhelming, I do appreaciate the intensity and drama of the situation. Also, I have to mention that the actors all do excellent jobs in this new thriller on Netflix.

Finally, I really enjoyed the ending of Unbridled on Netflix because Nora makes a strong and necessary decision.  To me, this was a real treat after having felt strung along for longer than I felt was good for the story.

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Unbridled was written and directed by Jota Linares. With Animales sin collar (the original title of Unbridled), Jota Linares has his feature film debut. He previously directed several short films and has already had another feature film come out since then.

We do tend to love Spanish productions here at Heaven of Horror and we have been blessed with many Spanish movies on Netflix recently. One of the better movies in the thriller genre would be Mirage which had a somewhat supernatural twist.

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However, I must admit that Unbridled isn’t a new favorite of mine. It has a lot of potential, but it just doesn’t work as well as it could have. Then again, another viewer might feel very differently, so give it a shot. After all, it’s out on Netflix for all to watch now.

Unbridled is out on Netflix from August 31, 2019.


Director: Jota Linares
Stars: Natalia de Molina | Daniel Grao | Mariana Cordero | Ignacio Mateos | Borja Luna | Mario Tardon | Natalia Mateo


Desperate to keep her husband’s secret, a devoted politician’s wife struggles to stave off threats that could ruin their promising new life.

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