GHOST LAB on Netflix in a Thai horror movie about ghosts. More precisely, it’s about proving that ghosts exist and that you can communicate with them. This includes a Flatliners-esque plot element. Read our full Ghost Lab movie review and find it on Netflix now!

GHOST LAB is a new Netflix horror movie from Thailand. It has a lot going for it, but it is definitely a good half-hour too long. All the long scenes with slow-burn “intense” moments just drag all momentum out of the story.

We would give this movie a 2½ rating but since we don’t do half stars here at Heaven of Horror. Unfortunately, in this case, we’ll have to round down. The very emotional and loud (or wild) use of a score is also a bit unconventional by Western standards. However, I really don’t mind this because it’s stable for many Asian productions.

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A new take on ghosts

Since this Thai horror movie is about ghosts, there are many of the classic elements from movies about ghosthunters. Well, not in a Ghostbusters-way. Ghost Lab is more along the lines of Flatliners and even has a plot element that is somewhat reminiscent of that movie. Well, several in various ways, actually. However, the two stories are very different.

The main objective for the characters in this Netflix ghost movie is to show that ghosts exist and that you can communicate with them. And honestly, there is a scene during the first hour that blew my mind a little. That scene alone made me want to continue.

Actually, throughout Ghost Lab, there are elements that work surprisingly well. I don’t know any of the actors but the characters are generally interesting. A bit too stereotypical at times but they evolve in good and interesting ways.

Ghost Lab – Review | Netflix Thai Horror Thriller

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Paween Purijitpanya is the director of Ghost Lab which probably won’t be a familiar name to many outside Thailand. He also worked on the script and has quite a few productions behind him already. None that I’m familiar with though he has worked on horror productions before.


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As horror movies about ghosts go, Ghost Lab is very interesting at its core. The problem is simply that it is too long and too slow at times. The best horror moments almost reminded me of The Invisible Man because of the whole ghost (as in an entity you can’t see). However, be warned, there are also many very visually creepy moments.

Ghost Lab is out on Netflix globally from May 26, 2021.


Director: Paween Purijitpanya
Writers: Vasudhorn Piyaromna, Paween Purijitpanya, Tossaphon Riantong
Stars: Thanapob Leeratanakachorn, Paris Intarakomalyasut, Nuttanicha Dungwattanawanich


A research experiment about the afterlife goes awry, when Gla and Wee, two medical doctor buddies see a ‘ghost’ with their own eyes for the first time, an encounter that spawns an insatiable binge to find a scientific explanation for ghostly spirits, and to find proof of an afterlife. Their fixation and reckless pursuit of knowledge will take them down a rabbit hole that will cost them their friendship, and their loved ones.

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