The short film Selfie From Hell was a huge hit last year and now a feature film is in the making

Producer, Meelah Adams, along with Writer and Director, Erdal Ceylan, had a huge hit with their horror short film Selfie From Hell last year. Adams’ face is probably more recognizable, since she also starred in the film. Selfie From Hell is about a girl taking a selfie for her boyfriend when something really creepy happens.

It was released on August 9, 2015 and broke all short film records with approx. 17 million views. Especially social media sharing helped this short film reach this huge audience. In fact, there’s no doubt that the real number of views is much higher since it’s been shared in several versions across the world wide web.

Selfie From Hell Erdal Ceylan Meelah Adams

Erdal Ceylan and Meelah Adams celebrating the first 16 million views of Selfie From Hell

Not the best thing in regards to copyright and credit, but hey, sometimes that’s exactly what you want, because that’s how you achieve the kind of reach Selfie From Hell did. And now Ceylan and Adams are getting the chance to do a feature film version produced by Industry Works Studios. They’re the ones, who made American Mary, which certainly was a wonderfully freakish movie. The first meeting with the Canadian producers happened back in December, so it’s all been happening very fast.

And in true Hollywood fashion, this kind og success happens when you’re not even trying. Then again, she was a Media Production student and the focus of her thesis was in fact “the effects of viral videos”, so she’s certainly proven her point with this particular short film video. The short film came about because Meelah Adams needed to produce a short film with no budget and the smallest cast possible for her graduation film, while studying in Cologne, Germany.

Selfie From Hell was made without any budget by a two-man-team – or a one-man-one-woman-team, Erdal and me.” Meelah Adams wrote in a post on

Ceylan and Adams had already done a few short films together earlier, and had yet another reason to try and create a viral success: They wanted to help promote Erdal Ceylan’s novel Fuck You Zombie, which is based on a screenplay. Of course, the title of that particular work is enough that I’d want to take an extra look at it.

According to a Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger [a newspaper from Cologne] interview with Meelah Adams from February 2016, the script for the Selfie From Hell feature film hasn’t been completed yet, but should be done by April and they’re hoping to preview the first scenes from the feature film at Cannes in May.

We absolutely loved the short film version and can’t wait to see what Meelah Adams and Erdal Ceylan will deliver with this feature film.

If you’ve managed to never come across Selfie From Hell or just want a repeat, you can watch the short film below:

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