A teaser trailer for The Woods has been released and it looks SO damn good – and absolutely terrifying!

UPDATE: The Woods has been revealed to be Blair Witch – read the latest news right here!

The Woods is already being billed as “One of the scariest movies in decades” and credited with reinventing horror with “a completely fresh and terrifying take on the genre”. In other words, get ready to be scared to death!

The Lionsgate production is directed by Adam Wingard, who has directed a lot of awesome short films – including segments of the short film compilations V/H/S and The ABC’s of Death – along with the feature film You’re Next (2011), which I loved. Especially the kick-ass female lead character, who fought the way anyone should be fighting to save their life in a horror movie.

What I’m saying is basically that before watching this teaser trailer for The Woods, I already knew I’d love it because Adam Wingard made it. Simple as that!

Then when I did watch it, my expectations were more than met and this was just the teaser trailer, so I can’t wait for the full trailer!

Check out the teaser trailer for The Woods right here:

The script for The Woods was written by Wingard’s usual partner in crime, Simon Barrett, which sounds perfect to me. Wingard and Barrett is definitely a favorite horror duo of mine.

The official plot is this:

Involve a group of college students on a camping trip who discover they are not alone.

It’s a found footage movie, which is a style I love, when it’s done right… and I’m sure Wingard and Barrett can do it right!

Also, Wingard tweeted the following:

So, you know, sounds like horror fans have a lot to look forward to!

The cast is a short list of fairly unknown actors, which is perfect for a found footage movie. It stars Callie Hernandez, James Allen McCune, Brandon Scott, Wes Robinson and Corbin Reid

The Woods will be out in US theaters on September 16, 2016

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