Witchula moves ahead with iconic horror actor Kane Hodder joining the cast

Kane Hodder is somewhat of a cult name in the horror genre. Having played both Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th movies, and Victor Crowley in all three Hatchet movies, he is an iconic horror name.

With a name like Kane Hodder on board, it’s clear that Witchula is moving along in a great direction. Not only will the iconic actor be playing a role described as “pivotal” by Witchula producer, Matt Chassin. Hodder has also signed on as Stunt Coordinator.

Kane Hodder of Jason Voorhees fame joins Witchula

Kane Hodder at Frightfest 2010 at The Empire Leicester Square, London, 29 August 2010. Picture by Julie Edwards

Hopefully, this means they’re going for the hardcore horror style, we know and love. The style of the horror movie franchises that made Kane Hodder famous, should do just fine.

Witchula to be filmed internationally

As we’ve mentioned in our first story on Witchula here, the horror movie is a co-production of US based MAB Studios and the UK’s Silent Studios.

Also, it will be filmed in both countries in a Wachowski-like move. Writer/producers Marcus Bradford and Pat Kusnadi will direct the US scenes, while the UK scenes will be directed by Silent Studios’ Jason Wright. In effect, Wright will be working as a special guest director under the direction of Bradford and Kusnadi.

Wright himself is understandably thrilled to have Hodder on board. In a press release, he says that not only is Hodder a talented icon, he “is such a nice and humble guy,” and “we’re all looking forward to working with him in the future.”

As a final remark, Marcus Bradford has thrown out an extra little teaser to keep us horror fans waiting. He’s promising that the casting is not done with the words “More coming your way, horror fiends!!!”.

We’ll be here waiting for the next exciting casting news for Witchula. However, it will take a lot to reach the level of Kane Hodder, when it comes to horror icon status.

In the meanwhile, there’s also a revised poster, which now states we’ll have to wait until 2018 for the release.

Witchula Teaser Poster - august 2016 version

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