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Horror Thriller HE’S OUT THERE was supposed to be out in theaters December 1, 2017. But then something strange happened when Dennis Iliadis was no longer listed as the director. Now it’s a movie by Quinn Lasher?!

American horror thriller He’s Out There is a feature film starring Yvonne Strahovski, Justin Bruening, and Abigail Pniowsky. In 2017 it was directed by Dennis Iliadis (Delirium; The Last House on the Left) and got the release date December 1, 2017.

But as happens with many movies, He’s Out There was suddenly shelved indefinitely.

The strange thing, though, is that recently the director’s credit was changed from Dennis Iliadis to the unknown Quinn Lasher.

Who is Quinn Lasher?

Quinn Lasher is completely unknown and He’s Out There is listed as his first IMDb credit ever.

Could Quinn Lasher simply be a new version of Alan Smithee? That’s the name directors would use as a pseudonym when they wanted to disown a project. The Alan Smithee trick was used from 1968 but officially discontinued in 2000.

Part of the Alan Smithee solution was that the director would not discuss the circumstances surrounding removing themselves from the project. This certainly explains why no one has talked about He’s Out There and the sudden change of director.

Don’t take our word for it

Below, you can see the poster with the tagline “From the director of The Last House on the Left“. The Last House on the Left is one of the movies Dennis Iliadis has previously directed.

And next to it is the new DVD cover, where that tagline has been completely removed. Probably since Dennis Iliadis is no longer officially the director and no one knows who “Quinn Lasher” is.

Poster in 2017

He's Out There directed by Dennis Iliadis

DVD cover in 2018

He's Out There DVD

There’s been no explanation for this recent change and it’s all very strange.

But now He’s Out There is slated to be released directly to DVD via Amazon in the UK on September 24, 2018. 

He’s Out There will also be added to Netflix in the U.S. on January 12, 2019.


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