Holidays puts a dark twist on some of the most iconic and beloved holidays such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Labor Day and Mother’s Day.

We’re suckers for a good horror anthology, so we’re pretty excited about Holidays. Also, we love a good tradition and since this movie covers several holidays, we can watch it several times a year, if it turns out to be as good as we hope. Oh, except for Halloween, because we already watch Trick ‘r Treat every year for that particular holiday – along with a few choice horror movies, of course.

The official description of Holidays is this:

Holidays is an anthology feature film that puts a uniquely dark and original spin on some of the most iconic and beloved holidays of all time by challenging our folklore, traditions and assumptions.

Oh yeah, sounds just right! And we won’t have to wait long for Holidays as it’ll be out in April, but unfortunately not until after Easter. An Easter release would’ve been cool, but I suppose The Passion of the Christ is already enough horror for that particular holiday. 

The impressive cast includes Kevin Smith, Lorenza Izzo (The Green Inferno and Knock Knock), Seth Green, Clare Grant (The Graves) and many, many more.

The directors are:Holidays (2016)

  • Kevin Smith (Tusk)
  • Gary Shore (Dracula Untold)
  • Dennis Widmyer (Starry Eyes)
  • Kevin Kolsch (Starry Eyes)
  • Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact)
  • Scott Stewart (Dark Skies)
  • Adam Egypt Mortimer (Some Kind of Hate)
  • Matt Johnson (The Dirties)
  • Sarah Adina Smith (The Midnight Swim)
  • Anthony Scott Burns (Darknet)

Holidays will have its world premiere on April 14 at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film will then be released on digital and VOD platforms on April 15, so that’s just one short month away.

If you prefer to watch your horror in a dark movie theater, then there’s a theatrical release April 22, 2016.

Watch the trailer for Holidays below:


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