Davide Melini has a new horror short film coming out, and now the poster and teaser trailer for LION has been released

LION poster - Davide MeliniWith six short films out already, Davide Melini has made a career of making these little horror gems. Right now, he’s busy putting the finishing touches on Lion, and already has a poster and teaser trailer ready. Also, the tagline is the very ominous sounding “Man’s biggest fear has risen again!”

This is the plot:

An isolated chalet in a snowy forest. A man blinded by alcohol. A woman unable to rebel and an 8-year-old child troubled and dark. The silent night is broken with cries. The start of a terrible nightmare!

Davide Melini has previously won several awards – and was nominated for many more – for his short film The sweet hand of the White Rose. However, we have to admit that the thing that really caught our attention is something else. It’s very simply the fact that he worked as an assistant director on all episodes of Penny Dreadful‘s final – and absolutely amazing – season 3. Now, that is something we cannot ignore.

Davide Melini is an Italian writer-director, who’s living in Spain, and his upcoming short film is actually a UK production, so it’s quite the cross-border project.

Davide Melini - Lion - Behind the scenes

Also, Lion is produced by Luca Vannella and Bobby Holland, who has worked on major productions like the recent Thor movies, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and In the Heart of the Sea. The common denominator is, of course, Chris Hemsworth. That’s because Vannella is his regular hair stylist, while Holland is his stunt double. Also, several of the other co-producers have worked on Penny Dreadful season 3, which helps connect the dots.

I just love it, when you can see how these connections are made. Not just at a star and director level (such as Brad Pitt and David Fincher or Bruce Willis and M. Night Shyamalan), but also among all the important, but often less acknowledged, crew members that make any production work.

Lion is expected to be released this Fall and you can watch the teaser trailer below:

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