Watch the trailer for Mike Flanagan’s new film Hush and be patient – in April 2016 the movie will be available on Netflix

Yet again the streaming giant Netflix is getting the world on board for a global premiere of Hush for the masses. I’ll admit that I would’ve loved to watch this in a dark movie theater, but I’m quite happy that I won’t have to wait very long for it.

However, this past weekend the lucky few at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin had a chance to see it at a screening for the official world premiere. The reviews are in and it’s sounding pretty damn good. For the record, Netflix secured the rights for Hush ahead of the SXSW premiere.

The plot is a simple cat-and-mouse game with a twist:

A deaf woman, Maddie Young, lives a quiet life in a secluded house, where she’s working on her next novel. With no company but her cat, this quiet life takes a dramatic turn, when she’s stalked by a psychotic killer and finds herself trapped in her secluded home.

Watch the official trailer here:

Hush stars Kate Siegel (Oculus), John Gallagher Jr. (10 Cloverfield Lane) and Samantha Sloyan (currently on Grey’s Anatomy)

hushThe female star of the movie, Kate Siegel, also co-wrote the script with director Mike Flanagan. This is Siegel’s first script while Flanagan also has written quite a few including Absentia (2011) and Oculus (2013), which he also directed. Both are award winning movies and obviously lead the way to Hush getting screened at SXSW.

Of course, the fact that Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions is the producer, probably doesn’t hurt either. Blumhouse is one a the biggest and boldest production companies in the movie business these day and in particular, when it comes to horror, which is where their success started. The Paranormal ActivityInsidious and The Purge franchises secured a financial stability, and the success of the award winning Whiplash certainly helped with an overall respect.

Hush will be available globally on Netflix from April 8, 2016.

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