PARADISE (2024) on Tubi is a genre-bending Western Revenge Thriller. A few solid twists and surprises plus a great cast make for an entertaining tale. Even the soundtrack is good. Read our full Paradise movie review here!

PARADISE (2024) is a new Tubi movie and this one isn’t a Tubi production. Instead, it’s an indie gem that mixes genres yet can best be described as a Western Revenge Thriller. The theme throughout the movie is that nothing good ever comes from the barrel of a gun.

The runtime is just 83 minutes, so even with a few commercial breaks along the way, it’s a quick watch. Also, there are plenty of interesting turns to keep you interested.

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A different kind of gunslinger

The young Ella is quite the infamous person around town. The town being Paradise – which the town certainly is not. Not only is Ella (Patricia Allison) the daughter of the Sheriff (Bashir Salahuddin), but she’s also a rebellious punk who just so happens to be the fastest gun.

That’s right, Ella is a bonafide gunslinger. In fact, she also sells guns in a quirky little store. Despite her mother and brother having been killed by guns, she lives by the creed that only a good person with a gun can stop a bad person with a gun.

The only problem is that you have to be damn sure who the bad guys are!

Things escalate very fast when her father – yes, the Sheriff – is murdered while on patrol. The people meant to investigate his murder aren’t very interested in really working the case. And why could that be?! Ella is hellbent on finding out what’s really going on in Paradise!

Paradise (2024) – Review | TUBI Western Revenge Thriller

Wonderful characters!

The title town of this 2024 movie is a weird anachronistic world. We see the underbelly of the small island town, which is colorful and crazy, but also very deadly. The same can be said for the characters that are full of stereotypical, yet also colorful and often warm (or brutal) people.

Along with Patricia Allison () in the all-important lead role as Ella, we see Bashir Salahuddin (G.L.O.W., A Simple Favor) in the brief role of her father, the Sherif. A truly good man. As her best friend, Townes, who is always by her side but not a fan of guns, we see Myles Evans (Dickinson).

In other key roles, we also have Tate Donovan as the Mayor of Paradise, Arjun Gupta (The Magicians) as a new police officer in town, Hobbes, and Adam Lustick (Corporate) as a State Police Captain with the unforgettable name of “Sam Mayo”.

Finally, I must mention the charming icon in her own right, Tia Carrere, who shows up and delivers a great twist in this tale.

Watch the 2024 movie Paradise on Tubi now!

Paradise (2024) was directed by Max Isaacson and written by Tony Borden from a story by Tony Borden and Max Isaacson. In every sense of the word, this is their project and I really like the way their minds work.

It’s a smart, funny, brutal, realistic, yet also extremely colorful (in every way) movie with interesting characters and a story that has heart and guts. I ended up enjoying this one much more than I ever expected.

As this is now out on Tubi to watch for free, there is no reason not to give it a shot. Except if you don’t like revenge thrillers where many people die, of course.

PARADISE is premiering on Tubi on March 21, 2024.


Director: Max Isaacson
Writers: Tony Borden, Max Isaacson
Cast: Patricia Allison, Bashir Salahuddin, Myles Evans, Tate Donovan, Arjun Gupta, Adam Lustick, C.J. Hoff, Tia Carrere


When corrupt officials cover up the murder of Ella’s father, she cuts a swath through the anachronistic underbelly of her small island town.

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