THE CAMP HOST on TUBI is a new slasher movie that takes place at a campsite, but the main characters are adults instead of teenagers. It’s surprisingly good. Read our full The Camp Host movie review here!

THE CAMP HOST is a new TUBI Original and it’s a classic slasher movie. The title is already an indication of this, but the main characters aren’t teenagers this time around.

They’re an adult couple, who are struggling with being adults. Well, and then there’s the title character who is quite intriguing. And quite violent when her rules aren’t being followed.

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Wanna go camping?

I haven’t gone camping much, though I can see the appeal as well as the drawbacks. So can the two main characters of The Camp Host. However, the actual camping goes over pretty well in terms of experiencing nature.

Sure, the facilities and cellphone reception could be better, but it is in the middle of the woods so what would you expect?!

What you surely would not expect when lodging at an idyllic campground, is that the the owner (aka The Camp Host herself) would turn out to be a psychopathic killer. Yet that’s exactly what this movie is all about.

Despite knowing who the killer is, she is still one terrifying individual.

The Camp Host (2024) – Review | TUBI Slasher Movie

So much better than the poster

While the poster makes The Camp Host look like a very shoddy horror movie, the actual movie has a higher production value than I’d ever expected. In fact, it’s both a classic slasher and an interesting eco-thriller that looks at how we work with and against nature.

The stars of this movie are Rachel Colwell (Resident Alien, Warrior) and Dillon Casey (Another Life) as the married couple trying to find each other and themselves while traveling cross country in a van.

The title character is portrayed by Brooke Johnson, who delivers an insanely entertaining villain, who actually has a reason for what she does. It may not be a good reason, but it’s certainly one that goes deeper than your typical slasher.

More along the lines of Annie Wilkes in Misery than any Vorhees in Friday the 13th. Speaking of the latter, Brooke Johnson was actually in Friday the 13th: The Series.

Watch The Camp Host on TUBI now!

The Camp Host is written and directed by Henry Darrow McComas and this is his first feature as a director. Something that bodes very well indeed for his future projects. The story, acting, and overall production are impressive, resulting in a very entertaining movie.

This latest TUBI Original is a MarVista production, and we know from extensive knowledge of these productions that it can go either way. Fortunately for horror and slasher fans, this is definitely one of the better movies.

If you want to watch a new slasher movie that actually has a story with some depth, then check out The Camp Host. It doesn’t go on for too long with its 95-minute runtime, and it’s definitely worth your time.

The Camp Host is streaming on Tubi from March 16, 2024.


Director: Henry Darrow McComas
Writer: Henry Darrow McComas
Stars: Rachel Colwell, Dillon Casey, Brooke Johnson, John Tench


When a young couple and their dog lodge at an idyllic campground, things turn terrifying when the owner reveals herself as a psychopathic killer.

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