YOU Season 4 is back on Netflix with Part 1 of the season. This time around, Joe is in Europe and goes by the name Jonathan Moore. The season has quite a different take on the familiar stalker plot. But in a good way. Read our You Season 4 (Part 1) review here!

YOU Season 4 Part 1 is finally on Netflix. And yes, the season does begin with a recap, so you’ll be reminded of the mess Joe both created, got caught up in, and what he left behind. The latter includes both a few toes and his very young son.

Season 4 of YOU is being released in two parts:

  • Part 1 covers the first five episodes (401 to 405) and is released on February 9, 2023.
  • Part 2 will have the final five episodes of season 4 (406 to 410) and premieres on March 9, 2023.

Continue reading our YOU Season 4 Part 1 review below – it is, of course, spoiler-free.

From Joe Goldberg to Jonathan Moore

In season 4 of YOU, Joe Goldberg is in London where he works as a professor (in literature, of course) and goes by the name Jonathan Moore. How his name and new job happens is something you’ll have to discover for yourself. It’s just more fun that way and we don’t do spoilers. Also, it is revealed early on, so it’s hardly something we need to explain in this review.

Instead, let me talk about how Joe/Jonathan ends up on the other end of the stalker situation. It’s a sinister and delicious twist, which he does not enjoy. Since we’re always hearing his thoughts and attempts to rationalize everything, it comes with quite a few humorous moments.

Needless to say – but, obviously, I still will – Joe doesn’t think what he did was stalking. He was merely protecting and loving those he “kept an eye on”. Being stalked himself, it feels like the violation it always was.

You: Season 4 Part 1 – Review | Netflix Thriller Series

Someone is forcing Joe’s hand

Obviously, Joe always felt that his hand was being forced. He never killed anyone unless he had to. Of course, one could argue that he never had to, but if he didn’t, he would pay a price of some sort. Not something he was ever interested in.

In his new role as a rather reluctant detective trying to find out who his own stalker is, he also quickly discovers that he isn’t the only killer in London. Joe/Jonathan desperately needs to lay low, but he is also forced to work on identifying and stopping a killer targeting his new friend group.

All of his new “friends” are socialites who are extremely wealthy. Or rather, they come from wealthy families of a certain status. As people in the group are targeted by the killer, their friendship is put to the test. Actually, with each death, people just tend to speak more honestly about each other. There isn’t much love in this group of friends – with few exceptions.

And yes, he does also find a new woman intriguing, but for once, he really does try to fight it.

Watch Part 1 of YOU season 4 on Netflix now!

The cast of YOU season 4 is full of amazing talent (as always) and you’ll see both familiar and fresh faces.

Among the newest cast members of YOU, we see Charlotte Ritchie (Feel Good) as Kate, Tilly Keeper (R.I.P.D. 2, EastEnders) as Lady Phoebe, and Amy-Leigh Hickman (Harlan Coben‘s Safe) as Nadia. The latter is a rather brilliant student in a class taught by Joe/Jonathan (Penn Badgley who continues to be amazing in this iconic role).

Also in season 4 of YOU, there is Ed Speleers (Against the Ice), Lukas Gage (Deadcon), Stephen Hagan (Stan Lee’s Lucky Man), Niccy Lin, Ben Wiggins (The Sandman), Ozioma Whenu (The Witcher: Blood Origin), Aidan Cheng, and Eve Austin. Most of them portray filthy rich young people who have a rather disgusting look on “common people”.

Finally, I should mention that Sean Pertwee plays a key role. Horror fans will recognize him from several Neil Marshall movies. Unfortunately, this also includes some of his most recent with The Reckoning (2020) and the upcoming Duchess. Also, he was in the new vampire movie The Invitation which you can find on Netflix.

I’ve enjoyed every season of YOU so far, and while season 4 is quite different in some ways, it’s also classic Joe Goldberg. I can’t wait to see what happens in Part 2, which we will cover in a separate review (also without spoilers).

YOU Season 4 Part 1 is on Netflix from February 9, 2023.


Starting anew in London, Joe vows to bury the past and be his best self. But on the rocky road to redemption, a new obsession starts to take hold.

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