THE INVITATION (2022) is a new vampire horror film out on Netflix in the US. It is visually stunning and with a new twist on a well-known vampire tale. Read our full The Invitation movie review here!

THE INVITATION (2022) is a new horror film out on Netflix in the US. It’s a vampire tale, and the trailer unfortunately spoils some of the twists this movie has to offer. However, don’t worry, even if you’ve watched the trailer, there are still a lot more twists and turns to come. Not least in relation to some surprising developments.


If the title sounds familiar, it’s probably because you know Karyn Kusama’s absolutely fantastic The Invitation from 2016 >

Overall, this vampire movie is a very polished and delicious movie-watching experience, which is clearly on purpose. The point is to show how the whole vampire world has to be so appealing that you’ll want to become part of this dark world.

Continue reading our The Invitation movie review below. Find it on Netflix (US) from December 24, 2022.

The Invitation (2022) – Review | Vampire Horror on Netflix

Bride of Dracula in new clothes

There is no doubt that The Invitation will probably trigger opinions and reactions that differ quite a lot. We’re dealing with a vampire tale that is essentially a reinterpretation of “Dracula’s Bride”. This kind of thing should of course not be messed with (some say), while others enjoy seeing modern interpretations that take place in the present-day world.

I really like both, so I’m very happy with both the classic setting and interpretations like this one. The fact that I also got a pretty intense Get Out vibe along the way certainly didn’t hurt! Our main character even talks continuously to her best friend from home, just like in Jordan Peele’s Get Out.

All while she’s surrounded by strangers who seem to think she’s absolutely amazing… maybe a little too eagerly. The main character Evie, who is played perfectly by Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones), is also not afraid to point out when it all gets a little too strange. And I always like it when a character reacts in more realistic ways!

This applies not least to the owner of the mansion she suddenly lives in when she is invited to a wedding in England by her newfound (and rather distant) relative. She normally lives in New York and has a New Yorker reaction to this “Lord of the manor”. He also looks like he came straight from a fashion show (or the cover of a romance novel).

Complete with the shirt buttoned down to the middle of the chest, the widest jaw, and the whitest teeth.

Yes, it’s all a bit too much. And yes, it’s all very intentional. Precisely for this reason, it is also pointed out by the main character. At the same time, she is flattered by him, since he seems to accept (maybe even appreciate?!) her very direct manner.

The Invitation (2022) – Review | Vampire Horror on Netflix

Stephanie Corneliussen makes an awesome impression

Stephanie Corneliussen plays another key character in The Invitation, and you cannot avoid noticing her. She’s probably a head taller than everyone else, and also just seems like a bigger and stronger personality. Basically, she’s a scene stealer and an instant crowd favorite!

Also, she plays a wonderful (as in memorable) character in this vampire horror film. Her character is in many ways an ice queen (or just a super fierce woman), and Stephanie Corneliussen knows how to play this perfectly. If you’ve watched Mr. Robot, you’ll already know this!

In fact, Mr. Robot is exactly where many know (and love) her from. Myself included, which is a little wild since she’s Danish and I myself am a Dane. Yet, it’s a US television production, I know her from. You may also recognize her from Legion or Legends of Tomorrow.

In The Invitation, Stephanie Corneliussen actually plays the coolest villain character – though in a more nuanced way than we’re used to in vampire movies. Her, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Alana Boden have the best scenes together. From witty, fierce, and downright brutal dialogue to the more physically challenging. This is a vampire movie, after all.

Watch The Invitation on Netflix in the US!

Jessica M. Thompson is the director of The Invitation, written by Blair Butler. It’s only the second feature from Jessica M. Thompson, who made her feature debut in 2017 with The Light of the Moon. Screenwriter Blair Butler has previously written the horror movies Hell Fest (2018) and Polaroid (2019) as well as an episode of the Helstrom horror series.

In terms of special effects, there is just a bit of CGI towards the end that doesn’t work quite as well for me. Otherwise, the use of various effects is quite sparse and when used very efficient. The biggest challenge, overall, is probably that the film is a good 15 minutes too long.

To be fair, it’s mostly just one story element that could have been cut a little tighter for a better final product. Overall, however, it’s an entertaining, strong, and different vampire film that will probably divide viewers, but definitely deserves to be watched!

The Invitation (2022) is out on Netflix in the US from December 24, 2022.


Director: Jessica M. Thompson
Cast: Nathalie Emmanuel, Thomas Doherty, Hugh Skinner, Stephanie Corneliussen, Alana Boden, Sean Pertwee, Courtney Taylor


Evie’s long-lost cousin invites her to a swanky English wedding, where she uncovers a dark and twisted family secret that threatens to upend her life.

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