WHO IS ERIN CARTER? on Netflix is a new limited series with 7 episodes. A thriller, mystery, action, and adventure hybrid. While the drama can feel a tad soapy at times, the title character is one tough lady. Read our full Who is Erin Carter? series review here!

WHO IS ERIN CARTER? is a new Netflix mini-series with seven episodes. It’s a thriller, mystery, action, and adventure story that unfolds, and from episode 1 you’ll get a good idea of what to expect from this series. If you don’t like what you see, then this series just isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you’re entertained, then enjoy the rest of this series. For me, there are elements that felt a little soap opera adjacent. However, when the title character follows up any such moments with a suitable amount (to me anyway) of profanity, then I feel right at home with it again. Also, the daughter in this series is brilliant!

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A classic thriller mystery setup

In Who is Erin Carter? we first meet the title character back in England. She’s getting ready to leave the country on a fishing boat. Along with her is only her young daughter. Then there’s a time jump and the two are now living in Barcelona and enjoying a new life.

Erin is a mother, a wife, and a teacher at an International School that her daughter, Harper, also attends. The two appear to be living the expat dream in Spain. However, all is clearly not as it seems.

Not only does Harper have a temper and stand up to bullies by using her fists, but the young Harper is also about to see her mom spring into action. A robbery in a supermarket suddenly reveals Erin to be a badass fighter. In fact, she moves in ways that seem downright professional. Natural for her, even.

Also, the robber seems to recognize Erin just before losing his conscience. Something that obviously rattles her.

In the days after this robbery, Erin is both a hero for having stopped the robbers, and fighting to keep her daughter in school after she physically fought off her bully. In a perfect little scene, she tries to resolve the matter of her daughter possibly being expelled with diplomacy.

When this doesn’t work, her next words are “Oh, fuck off!” and I loved it!

Who is Erin Carter? – Review | Netflix Thriller Series

Evin Ahmad and Indica Watson are wonderful

The lead character of Erin is portrayed by Evin Ahmad with Indica Watson as her daughter Harper. These two are simply wonderful in both their separate scenes and those they share. Harper may be young, but she clearly knows not to take any sh*t from anyone. And it would appear she’s learned this from observing her mother.

Young Indica Watson has both the necessary sass, brains, and the ability to throw a good punch. Everything a girl needs to make it in the world. And Harper will need it more than most. You might recognize Evin Ahmad from other Netflix series such as The Rain or Quicksand. She is a Swedish actor of Kurdish origin and she’s pretty perfect in the lead.

Think Sarah Shahi mixed with Jennifer Garner. Both in terms of looks, attitude, and fighting skills. Incidentally, Sarah Shahi and Jennifer Garner did actually work together on Jennifer Garner’s hit series Alias where Sarah Shahi was in seven episodes of season 1.

In other key roles, you’ll see Charlotte Vega (Wrong Turn 2021 reboot), Sean Teale (The Gifted series), Susannah Fielding, and Pep Ambròs. To name just a few from this rather large cast.

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This new Netflix series was created by Jack Lothian. He previously worked on the long-running British ITV series Doc Martin and the Cinemax action series Strike Back, where he was showrunner. Both of these series have an IMDb rating of just over 8. I wouldn’t expect Who is Erin Carter? to reach this level as well, but it’s still worth checking out.

The directors on the seven episodes are Ashley Way (White Lines), Savina Dellicour, and Bill Eagles (Pennyworth).

There are seven episodes in this Netflix mini-series, but I think we all know that a second season is possible if this one is popular enough. Personally, I think plenty of viewers will find this very entertaining. And yes, others will no doubt find it too predictable or laced with stereotypical drama. And yes, this is also true.

For me, the mother-and-daughter duo was entertaining (and straight-up ballsy) enough to keep watching. Maybe you’ll feel the same way?! The only way to find out is to give it a shot.

Who is Erin Carter? is on Netflix from August 24, 2023.


Creator: Jack Lothian
Bill Eagles, Ashley Way, Savina Dellicour
Cast: Evin Ahmad, Sean Teale, Indica Watson, Pep Ambros, Susannah Fielding, Douglas Henshall, Charlotte Vega, Jake Fairbrother, Jamie Bamber


A British woman’s tranquil life in Barcelona spirals out of control when an armed robbery at a supermarket exposes her secret… and violent past.

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