Gypsy is a new Netflix show starring Naomi Watts and it will blow your mind. One of the most intense and creepy thriller series, I’ve ever seen!

Gypsy may not have been on your radar in the midst of all the other long-running Netflix shows releasing new season. But it should be!

If you like intense thrillers hugely infused with drama and lots of mystery, then Gypsy should satisfy your needs. And if you liked Gillian Anderson in The Fall, then you’ll love Naomi Watts in Gypsy.

Naomi Watts (Shut In) plays the all-important lead role. Or actually, she continuously plays two roles; Her name is Jean Holloway, but many people know her only as Diane Hart.

It’s not a split personality thing. Not in the classic sense, anyway. It’s merely a question of Jean having one thing and wanting something else. Or rather, something more. And for that, she uses her “Diane Hart” character.

One she has created much like any writer would. Complete with a full backstory, likes, and dislikes plus a different overall style.


Basically, it’s all about what Jean wants. Whether it’s as Jean or “Diane”. However, it’s not quite as simple as you might think.

Having a loving husband and a wonderful daughter – who identifies more as a boy – is extremely important to Jean. It just isn’t really enough. And Naomi Watts plays this heartbreaking challenge with perfect details!

Gypsy is creepy and sexy as Hell

As much as this is a thriller and a mystery, the real power of Gypsy comes from it being super creepy. Oh yeah, and it is sexy in the best ways.

In her actual “real” life, Jean is married to Michael (portrayed perfectly by Billy Crudup). They have a seemingly honest relationship that goes back a long time. Complete with a history having been an on-off couple before finally getting married and having a child.

Their relationship feels very realistic with everyday issues and fun little habits. Plus, a pretty active sex life, so there’s no problem in that department.

Gypsy 2017 netflix review - Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup

However, as “Diane” she is a single woman. She talks abut her daughter as if she was her niece. Basically, she talks about her real life as Jean as if this was the life of her sister.

Diane becomes interested with “barista by day and struggling musician by night”, Sidney (Sophie Cookson), and the feeling is mutual. Their relationship is a real cat-and-mouse game with a very erotic edge to it.

It’s all about Naomi Watts – and Sophie Cookson

Sidney becomes an idea that Jean escapes to as Diane. Of course, the only reason she ever crossed paths with her, is because one of her clients is fixated with her.

Jean is a therapist, and Sam is a client who came for help after a tough break-up. His ex-girlfriend is Sidney.

And really, Sophie Cookson plays the character of Sidney so damn perfectly, that it’s easy to understand why everyone seems to fall under her spell.

Also, Naomi Watts and Sophie Cookson have the most amazing chemistry. Absolutely undeniable and the reason this works so well. Oh yeah, and the reason why it’s so damn hot!

However, Jean knows all Sidney’s little tricks from therapy sessions with Sam, so she manages to turn the tables a bit on Sidney.

Which leads us to the real story of Gypsy. Whatever Jean listens to in her sessions with clients, she acts on as Diane.

It’s one big mind-fuck of a menage-a-trois. Jean talks to her clients and then seeks out relationships with people her clients know. But as “Diane”, of course.

She hears every story from both sides… only, she doesn’t like it if things seem to be working out without her involvement.

Gypsy 2017 netflix review - Naomi Watts and Sophie Cookson

The brilliant mind of Lisa Rubin

Gypsy was created by Lisa Rubin, who is actually a total newbie. Seriously, this is the first and only thing, she has written.

I find that almost impossible to believe, and really hope we haven’t been missing out on her brilliance earlier. What I mean to say is this: I hope she’s just been working on this masterpiece. And not that I haven’t experienced anything by her sooner because someone didn’t see her brilliance!

She’s like a JK Rowling type sensation to me; Unknown one second and a new force to be reckoned with the next.

Lisa Rubin should have a “Shonda Rhimes-like” career with a debut like Gypsy. Hopefully, Netflix is already working with her on a season 2 of Gypsy along with additional projects!

Make sure you watch Gypsy

Bottom line: While watching Gypsy (and you really should) you will undoubtedly go through these reactions:

“She can’t do that?!” – Oh yes, she can and she does!

“She wouldn’t do that?!” – Actually, she would and she will.

“She can’t possibly get out of this one?!” – Jean is a master manipulator, so don’t worry too much about her.

Worry about everyone else!

And make sure you enjoy the ride and let Naomi Watts blow your mind. Also, enjoy the amazing title track by Stevie Nicks, so don’t skip the intro!

Gypsy is available on Netflix worldwide from June 30, 2017.


Creator: Lisa Rubin
Cast: Naomi Watts, Sophie Cookson, Billy Crudup, Karl Glusman, Melanie Liburd, Poorna Jagannathan, Lucy Boynton


Therapist Jean Holloway becomes too immersed in the lives of her patients. Both past and present!

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