THE RAIN season 3 is out on Netflix now. This is the final season of the first Danish production on the streaming platform. It never received much love in its native Denmark but turned out to be quite the hit internationally. The series stays true to form to the end. Read our full The Rain season 3 review here!

THE RAIN season 3 is out on Netflix now. This was the first Danish Netflix production and the third season is the final of the series. I was never a huge fan of The Rain which irks me because I really wanted to love this production simply because it’s from my home country.

I mean, Denmark usually makes amazing movies and TV series that end up winning awards and getting international remakes. Something just never really worked for me when it came to this series. And it still doesn’t. In that sense, I guess that means the series stays true to form until the very end.

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Continue reading our full The Rain season 3 review below. The final season has six episodes so it’s very quick to watch.

The most unrealistic Danish dialogue

The Rain should be a really good tool for learning Danish since the dialogue is very slow. No Danes speak this slowly and articulate their words so well. In fact, we’re known for speaking fast and mumbling. Seriously, it’s so bad that every Danish movie is now shown with subtitles in movie theaters in Denmark. We simply can’t hear all the dialogue otherwise. That would not be necessary with The Rain.

You probably won’t hear it unless you’re Danish or Scandinavian, but it’s downright ridiculous. Also, the lines they have to say are simply cringeworthy. Often, it sounds like something out of a production made 50 years ago. It’s very strange and it is also very distracting. It’s very difficult to focus on the storyline when you’re constantly wondering why people are talking so strangely.

What you might notice, no matter what language you speak on a daily basis, is the over-use of names. “Rasmus” and “Simone” are constantly said by someone. Again, this has been the case throughout the series, so I can’t blame season 3 of The Rain for keeping this up. I was just hoping maybe it would get better. Alas, this was not to be!

More of the same

Also, I should mention that all the actors in this series are usually much better. I don’t blame them for the strange and slow dialogue. This lies squarely on the shoulder of the directors, writers, and producers. Someone, somewhere along the line, decided on this style and it’s just weird.

The story in season 3 picks up where season left off. Sure, it’s been three months, but nothing much feels different. Everyone still acts and reacts as they have all along. This means you won’t be surprised, so you can get right back into the world of The Rain. For a supernatural post-apocalyptic world, it is incredibly predictable.

The Rain Season 3 Netflix Review

Watch The Rain season 3 on Netflix now!

The third and final season of The Rain has six episodes and I don’t expect the ending will surprise many. This Danish production has always been very straightforward in the sense that most plot “twists” could be seen a mile away, Sure, you might hope they refrain from doing the obvious thing, but that just does not happen.

It should come as no surprise that the final season of the series is no different. Personally, I just really hope that the next Danish production on Netflix will be much better. Actually, I really enjoyed the Norwegian Netflix series Ragnarok which was written by a Danish screenwriter, so we’re halfway there.

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Look, if you’re a fan of The Rain then you’ll definitely watch season 3. And you absolutely should! I can’t imagine what this season should have done to make me like it, since I’m not a fan of the universe. So, if you are, then I just say more power to you and have fun watching.

As a Dane, I certainly thank you for your service in creating views for this Danish production. And that’s probably the most positive twist I can come up with.

Season 3 of The Rain is out on Netflix globally from August 6, 2020.


Stars: Alba August (Simone), Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen (Rasmus), Mikkel Boe Følsgaard (Martin), Sonny Lindberg (Jean), Lukas Løkken (Patrick), Clara Rosager (Sarah), Evin Ahmad (Kira), Nathalie Madueño (Fie), Johannes Kuhnke (Sten), Rex Leonard (Daniel), Cecilia Loffredo (Luna), Henrik Birch (Lars), Annemette Andersen (Trine).


One wants to save the world, the other wants to create a new one. The battle between Rasmus and Simone re-commences as they fight to save what is left of humankind as we know it. The virus can be stopped. At a cost. 

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