WHEN I CONSUME YOU is a new supernatural horror mystery that latches on and stays with you. It’s very intense and offers some mind-blowing developments along the way! Screened at Fantasia. Read our full When I Consume You movie review here!

WHEN I CONSUME YOU is a new horror movie that offers both a supernatural mystery and a heart wrenching psychological horror plot. We have it on our “5 Must-Watch” movies for this year’s Fantasia film festival.


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This was based almost entirely on the fact that its writer-director, Perry Blackshear, blew our minds with his previous movie They Look Like People. Turns out, we were absolutely right to have high expectations. His  movies are always different from the norm, but somehow in all the right ways.

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Let this movie consume you!

Explaining what When I Consume You is all about is actually quite difficult. At least, it’s not easy to do so without it either sounding very strange or spoiling the whole thing. You simply need to sit down and watch this movie and let the story consume you.

Be ready for a few time jumps (flashbacks) to set the stage. Also, there were a few mind-blowing developments along the way! When I Consume You is the kind of movie that latches on and stays with you long after the end credits are done.

Very few filmmakers manage to do so much with so little. I mean, it has just a few actors carry the story. A story that is both very simple and full of layers and symbolism. Yeah, it’s quite an intense experience and even during very slow-burn scenes, it manages to keep you fascinated.

When I Consume You – Fantasia Review

The small but brilliant cast

When this story first begins, two characters are at the absolute heart of the story. They are siblings Daphne Shaw and Wilson Shaw. Having had a tough childhood and youth, the two are each other’s rock and safety net. Later on, an additional character becomes important to their story, but the heart is still the brother and sister duo.

Daphne Shaw is portrayed so wonderfully by Libby Ewing. She is both tough and kind while trying her very best to overcome the struggles of her past. Libby Ewing has been in lots of short films and guest spots on TV series such as House of Lies. Hopefully, we’ll see more of her in genre films soon.

Wilson Shaw is played by Evan Dumouchel who was also in The Siren and They Look Like People (both by the writer-director of this movie). Also, you may recognize him from the Stephen King adaption Doctor Sleep.

The final key character, who I won’t get into detail about here, is portrayed by MacLeod Andrews. He manages to come across as both charming and kind as well as the biggest psycho. In other words, he’s pretty perfect in this. Just as he was in They Look Like People!

All three actors are also producers of this movie along with the filmmaker. Clearly, this is a passion project for all of them.

Don’t miss out on When I Consume You!

As mentioned in the first part of this review, Perry Blackshear is the writer and director of When I Consume You. He’s actually quite the one-man army when it comes to filmmaking. For When I Consume You, he is also the cinematographer and editor.

Usually, we find ourselves needing to mention that maybe the filmmaker should’ve let someone else take on a few of these jobs. Not in the case of Perry Blackshear. He is definitely the right person to carry out all these actions.

Some of the other very few examples of filmmakers able to write, direct and edit their own films are Colin Minihan (What Keeps You Alive) and Coralie Fargeat (Revenge).

The next film, he’s involved with, is one of the upcoming “Welcome to the Blumhouse“-movies. He is one of the writers on the horror-comedy Bingo Hell which will be out on October 1, 2021. We remain huge fans of Perry Blackshear here at Heaven of Horror and can’t wait for his next film.

When I Consume You had its world premiere at Fantasia 2021 on August 18. It will be coming to to VOD on August 16, 2022.


Director: Perry Blackshear
Writer: Perry Blackshear
Stars: Libby Ewing, Evan Dumouchel, MacLeod Andrews


Siblings Daphne and Wilson Shaw practically raised one another. They’ve protected each other from everything life has thrown their way. Daphne’s professional life is soaring and she’s looking to adopt a child. Wilson is interviewing for a position at a local school, hoping to become a teacher.  But Daphne has an unsettling, dangerous stalker whom she can’t seem to shake, and now threatens to destroy them both. They hunt for their tormentor through the shadowy streets of Brooklyn, honing their bodies and minds for a showdown. But this foe may prove to be more than they can handle. They will break and rebuild themselves if necessary to save each other, and protect the light they know is in this world for them… if only they can persevere.

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