UNDER HER CONTROL on Netflix is a thriller from Spain (org. title La Jefa). It’s a bit too long but never boring. Mostly because all characters in this film are unlikable in some way. Read our full Under Her Control movie review here!

UNDER HER CONTROL is a new Netflix thriller with a somewhat familiar concept. Think Single White Female meets Inside but not nearly as creepy as either. It does – ultimately – get very bloody and deadly, but that isn’t till the very end.

This movie is from Spain (org. title La Jefa) but the story is very universal. Also, several characters in this film are not from Spain, which is also a key part of the story.

Continue reading our Under Her Control movie review below. The film is out on Netflix from August 31, 2022.

Who is really in control?

The story in Under Her Control is all about a powerful woman wanting to help a young woman by adopting her child. The more appropriate way of describing the plot would be more along the lines of this; An older, very successful woman desperately wants a child and crosses paths with a young, religious woman, who is very much an opportunist, at a critical moment in time.

The international (or just English) title of this film is Under Her Control which begs the question; Who does the title refer to? Of course, since the original Spanish title is La Jefa [the boss] one would think it’s the older and more powerful CEO.

However, it would appear the young apprentice who discovers she’s pregnant right as she’s landing her dream job is also in control. In fact, the control switches back and forth several times as the story evolves.

Under Her Control (La Jefa) – Review | Spanish Netflix Thriller

The ending of Under Her Control on Netflix

When it comes to the actual ending of Under Her Control, it will no doubt be one that is both predictable and surprising. In other words, it has elements of both. As we see the two main characters show their true colors more and more, neither are very likable.

They are, however, very similar in many ways. Something they also seem to both appreciate and reject. Again, depending on how each of them can use these similarities. I loved the performances from the two lead actors, since we absolutely have to experience a multitude of their personalities. Something that works very well for me in this movie.

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón (The Machinist) is strong and powerful as the boss, Beatriz, while also have obvious weak spots. Argentinian born Cumelen Sanz is equally intense as Sofía. The young and sweet girl, who has ambition and is a quick study. She picks up on the tools used by Beatriz which in turn makes her boss very proud that she discovered this gem.

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Fran Torres is the director of Under Her Control which has a screenplay written by Laura Sarmiento Pallarés. While director Fran Torres (who is a man, in case the name had you in doubt) has directed two short films in the past, this is his first feature film.

Screenwriter Laura Sarmiento Pallarés has worked mostly on TV series in the past. Including the Netflix series Diablero which makes this new feature film her debut as well. As I watched this movie, I wasn’t sure that I was meant to feel as conflicted as I did. This made it both interesting and a little baffling.

As mentioned earlier, it does run a bit too long. However, since it doesn’t get boring, it’s easier to accept. I have a harder time accepting that I didn’t much care for any of the characters in this movie. Usually, you need to be able to root for someone in a story that is ultimately about survival. And I didn’t really. The two main characters deserved each other!

Under Her Control (org. title La Jefa) is out on Netflix from August 31, 2022.


Director: Fran Torres
Writer: Laura Sarmiento Pallarés
Stars: Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Cumelen Sanz, Younes Bachir, Pedro Casablanc, Alex Pastrana, María Fernández Prat


An ambitious young woman enters into an unusual arrangement with her charismatic boss. By the time doubts creep in, it may be too late to back out.

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