What Keeps You Alive is a riveting thriller from writer/director Colin Minihan. It features a female couple’s cozy anniversary getaway that turns deadly. Screening at Fantasia 2018.

What Keeps You Alive has a simple twist to the typical survival thriller. For starters, it follows a lesbian couple instead of the usual straight couple. Of course, this doesn’t make a difference in terms of the story and how it evolves. In fact, it’s diversity at its finest!

And we all know women can be violent too, so don’t worry about the horror. This movie really does not hold back with very realistic and gory violence.

The married couple is played by Hannah Emily Anderson and Brittany Allen. They both do an excellent job of portraying the hunter and prey, respectively.

What Keeps You Alive (2018) Review

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Director Colin Minihan got his breakthrough along with his brother as The Vicious Brothers. This happened when they created the scary found footage horror movie Grave Encounters.

Since then Colin Minihan made the sci-fi horror movie Extraterrestrial, as well as zombie movie It Stains the Sands Red (also starring Brittany Allen). This movie is yet another awesome addition to his film resume.

What Keeps You Alive recently screened at Fantasia International Film Festival 2018.

It opens in theaters and on VOD nationwide August 24, 2018. Do not miss it!


Director/Writer: Colin Minihan
Cast: Brittany Allen, Hannah Emily Anderson, Martha MacIsaac, Joey Klein, Charlotte Lindsay Marron


How much can you really know about another person? The unsettling truth that even those closest to us can harbor hidden dimensions drives this unpredictable, blood-stained story. Jackie (Hannah Emily Anderson) and Jules (Brittany Allen) are a couple celebrating their one year anniversary at a secluded cabin in the woods. From the moment they arrive, something changes in Jules’ normally loving wife. Jackie (if that even is her real name) begins to reveal a previously unknown dark side. It all builds up to a shocking revelation that will pit Jules against the woman she loves most in a terrifying fight to survive.