WELCOME TO EDEN Season 2 is now on Netflix. That means another eight episodes full of drama, mystery, murder, and survival. And yes, it does also still feature many relationships and rather steamy scenes. Read our Welcome to Eden season 2 review here!

WELCOME TO EDEN Season 2 is on Netflix and I know many fans of the series will be very happy. We’re getting eight episodes that are around the 50-minute mark here in season 2. And yes, there is still a lot of focus on relationships – friendships, alliances, and romantic storylines.


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This new season does continue exactly where season 1 ended, and yes, there’s a recap. However, it’s with a bit of a twist which I’ll get to next. Just know that you will be able to get reminded of all (or most) of the events from season 1 via the content available on Netflix.

Continue reading our Welcome to Eden season 2 review below. Find the 8 new episodes on Netflix from April 21, 2023.

Welcome to Eden: Season 2 – Review | Netflix

Check out all the Welcome to Eden recaps

Yes, recaps as in more than just one. When you find Welcome to Eden on Netflix, there are four season 1 recaps. Each recap focuses on a particular storyline. That means you really should check out all four Welcome to Eden recaps on Netflix.

Once you’ve watched these four recaps, you’re pretty much good to go.

For me, the first episode of Welcome to Eden season 2 did also start with a recap. However, that recap was just one of the four recaps. Essentially, that meant it focused on just one storyline and made no mention whatsoever of most characters. Since I’ve watched many (we’re talking an insane amount) of other series since I was lost immediately.

After pausing the episode and finding all four recaps to watch, I was way more up-to-speed yet again and good to go.

And yes, season 2 of Welcome to Eden does continue right where season 1 ended. As in right where it left off, so it’s a very smooth continuation of the storyline, but also confusing if it’s not relatively fresh in your memory.

Zoa and Bel in Welcome to Eden: Season 2 – Review | Netflix

More new characters in season 2

In this new season of Welcome to Eden (org. title: Bienvenidos a Edén), things are still very shaky and weird for most characters. The Eden Foundation welcomes new characters to the Island, which we know from the end of season 1.

These characters are portrayed by Carlos Torres (The Queen of Flow) and Nona Sobo (the Jose Coronado series Entrevías), who join the series’ cast.

Of course, one could argue that there were already plenty of characters to keep track of. I certainly would argue this, because more characters mean less screen time for the ones we’ve been waiting to know more about. For the record, there is still a huge focus on the characters from season 1, so it works out pretty well.

The main cast of the series continues to consist of the actors from season 1. Amaia Aberasturi, Begoña Vargas, Amaia Salamanca, Belinda Peregrín, Berta Castañé, Lola Rodríguez, Sergio Momo, Tomy Aguilera, Guillermo Pfening, and Diego Garisa. To name just a few of the actors that continue with their characters in this Netflix series.

Zoa and Bel in season 2

Zoa & Bel are still a couple if anyone is wondering. One of the biggest fan bases, when it comes to the Netflix series Welcome to Eden, consists of those who ship the characters Zoa and Bel. If you’re not to interested in these two characters or their relationship, you can just skip this next part.

However, if you were looking forward to seeing if/how the relationship between Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) and Bel (Begoña Vargas) would evolve, then I have good news for you. Not only does their relationship continue, it actually evolves in a positive and loving way. They continuously fight for both each other and their love.

Also, when season 2 ends we will have avoided all those pesky tropes and stereotypical storyline that queer (particularly WLW) characters suffer from. So, you can stay calm and enjoy your LGBTQ ship this time around.

Unfortunately, you can’t say that about too many Netflix series, so I wanted to highlight that Zoa and Bel are good in Welcome to Eden season 2.

Watch Welcome to Eden season 2 on Netflix now!

If you enjoyed season 1 of Welcome to Eden (org. title: Bienvenidos a Edén) then you will definitely want to binge-watch this second season as well. The danger and drama is amped up from episode 1.

The same goes for relationship drama and those steamy scenes. Something I’m sure many viewers are happy to hear as well. After all, these series might have drama, action, and thriller as plot-drivers, but we all know it’s the characters that keep viewers hooked.

And yes, the storyline is still full of mystery as the whole cult-like element continues to be revealed and unraveled. Who is good, who is bad, and who is just ready to do whatever it takes to reach their goals?! Whatever they might be – from saving the world to just wanting to keep someone you love safe.

Season 2 of Welcome to Eden is on Netflix worldwide from April 21, 2023.


With new threats on the island and no way out, the rebellion ignites an intense battle for freedom while Astrid carries out her plans for the New Eden.

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