WE MIGHT HURT EACH OTHER on SCREAMBOX is a horror movie from Lithuania (org. title: Rupintojelis). In many ways, it’s a classic slasher. Obviously, that means a lot of blood and a battle for survival! Read our full We Might Hurt Each Other movie review here!

WE MIGHT HURT EACH OTHER on SCREAMBOX is a horror movie from Lithuania (org. title: Rupintojelis). In many ways, it’s a classic slasher and very much inspired by Friday the 13th. A group of young people are in a cabin in a remote setting out in the woods. Obviously, that means a lot of blood and death along with a battle for survival!

What I enjoyed about this Lithuanian horror movie – and I did enjoy it – was especially the characters. Most of them react in exactly the ways you’d expect teenagers to. Including some people being very selfish and self-serving while others feel a need to help everyone.

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A new take on Friday the 13th 

I love it whenever filmmakers try to go all in on making an homage or a “new take” on something. Or, at the very least, I enjoy and appreciate it. For We Might Hurt Each Other, the obvious inspiration is Friday the 13th but it isn’t a camp setting.

We’ve actually seen the whole summer camp setting before in the horror movie Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight from Poland. That one goes more along the lines of a horror comedy in its “summer camp horror slasher”-tribute and I loved it!

Instead of a summer camp setting, We Might Hurt Each Other is just one long night of partying. High School is over and classmates are about to scatter all over the world with many wanting to study in other countries.

Lithuania is one of the Baltic countries and part of the EU, so studying and working in other European countries is very simple – and attractive for many young Lithuanians. A key element of this story is everyone wants to have that one last big party away where they can “let loose”. And yes, this involves a lot of drugs and alcohol.

We Might Hurt Each Other – Review | Horror

A complex main character

For We Might Hurt Each Other, we’re following a young man rather than the classic “Final Girl”-focus. It’s a cool detail as Marius (played wonderfully by Sarunas Rapolas Meliesius) is a very complex young man. His family is focused on everything but him.

His mom is all about her career and can barely stay off her phone long enough to congratulate him on graduating. His dad, on the other hand, is very present. However, that’s because he’s a huge fan of Marius’ classmate; A basketball player rumored to be drafted for the NBA.

There are so many interesting characters in We Might Hurt Each Other that I enjoyed seeing how they reacted when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan. Once people start dying very brutally, you’ll get to the core of these characters; Those who want only to survive themselves and those who want to help as many as possible.

Marius is also quite complex in that area. And that’s all I’ll say about that!

You probably won’t recognize many actors. However, Marius’s best friend, Vytas, is portrayed by Povilas Jatkevicius who was in the acclaimed HBO series Chernobyl. Also, Marius’s dad is portrayed by Donatas Simukauskas who was in the Swedish Netflix series Clark starring Bill Skarsgård.

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Jonas Trukanas is the director of We Might Hurt Each Other (org. title: Rupintojelis) and I loved what he did with this movie. The style of it worked remarkably well. Both as a movie in the vein of classic teen slasher movies and as a fresh take on what could easily be a trope.

Far too many of these serious slasher movies can feel like a spoof, but this didn’t. The story and screenplay also come from Jonas Trukanas who co-wrote it with Titas Laucius. Originally, the title was Pensive and I can see how this could work as well. In fact, it’s still the title on the current imagery on IMDb.

To be honest, I’m not crazy about either title as both sound more like a psychological drama. I mean, sure, there are some elements of psychological drama along the way, but for the most part, We Might Hurt Each Other is a straight-up slasher movie. And proud of it!

We Might Hurt Each Other is on SCREAMBOX from July 11, 2023.


Director: Jonas Trukanas
Writers: Titas Laucius, Jonas Trukanas
Cast: Sarunas Rapolas Meliesius, Gabija Bargailaite, Marius Repsys, Donatas Simukauskas, Kipras Masidlauskas, Saule Rasimaite


We Might Hurt Each Other follows a group of privileged high school classmates. After these classmates destroy a set of life-size wooden statues during a wild graduation party, a mysterious masked killer begins picking the group off one by one.

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