BETRAYAL: THE PERFECT HUSBAND on Hulu is a documentary series in three parts. It’s based on the hit podcast of the same name with the host telling the story. In fact, one of them was the betrayed one. Read our full Betrayal: The Perfect Husband docu-series review here!

BETRAYAL: THE PERFECT HUSBAND is new Hulu true-crime documentary series with three 45-minute episodes. It’s an ABC production and all three episodes are released on the premiere day so it’s easy to binge-watch the story.

It’s based on the hit podcast and yes, it does have a very “podcast feel” to it in many ways. Especially as clips from the podcast are included throughout. This works really well, but I did also get the feeling of “this is some white woman drama” at times. Still, it’s a very real and relevant true crime case and worth your time.

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Not a very perfect husband

Obviously, when something is titled Betrayal: The Perfect Husband it’s about the husband being anything but perfect. However, as episode one focuses on, everyone seemed to view this guy as the perfect husband. And coach, teacher, bandmates, friend, etc.

One of the podcast hosts is Jenifer Faison. Jen had a college sweetheart, but the two drifted apart until two decades later when they meet up again. Thinking this was a second chance with her college sweetheart, Spencer Herron, the two begin a relationship and get married.

However, her picture of having a perfect husband is shattered when she watched him being led away in handcuffs. The accusation is the sexual assault of a student. For the record, this is the main topic of the third and final episode while episode one focuses on the fact that no one suspected a thing, and episode 2 is the discovery of multiple affairs.

Betrayal: The Perfect Husband – Review  | hulu true crime

A predator and a groomer

While Jen Faison thought she was in a fulfilling and loving marriage with her college sweetheart, the very popular high school teacher Spencer Herron, he was having affairs left and right. He really does come across as someone who is addicted to the hunt – and the physical relationships.

Everything we’re presented with through the many handwritten letters, numerous emails, and copious amounts of text messages screams predator. And once we get to him getting involved with a student, it’s straight-up grooming.

However, Spencer Herron is a charming and popular (white) man, which means everyone’s immediate reaction is; The girl is making it up. Or even “she wanted it herself”. Interestingly, it seems people can buy the notion that he would be involved with a student. Just not that he would have assaulted her in any way.

As if the first part isn’t bad enough.

His wife, Jen Faison, doesn’t believe any of it at first either. Then she finds the emails and text (or Messenger) messages he exchanged with many women. Including friends of the couple. From discovering his web of lies to the many affairs, and his criminal sexual assault, she is understandably shocked.

Fortunately, she also gets in touch with the student, Rachel, who finally reported him. The two of them together are telling the story and working as activists to help others dare come forward.

Rachel is definitely the hero of this story – and of Jen’s life – which is something Jenifer also acknowledges. And why she helps facilitate telling the story of her predator husband.

Watch Betrayal: The Perfect Husband on Hulu now!

Betrayal: The Perfect Husband is directed by Jon Hirsch who also executively produces it with Nancy Glass for Glass Entertainment. Also producing is ABC News Studios. This docuseries is directly based on the “Betrayal,” podcast, which is produced by Glass Podcasts in partnership with iHeartPodcasts.

The host of the podcast is Andrea Gunning who was interviewing Jenifer Faison for season one. Andrea Gunning and Jen Faison are also the hosts of this docu-series if you can call them “hosts” in this documentary setting.


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Over the course of three episodes, we hear emotional interviews with some of the many women who have been involved with Spencer Herron. Also, we hear from Jen’s family and friends they both knew from college. All of these people considered Spence the perfect husband and were shocked to learn the truth.

If ever you’re thinking “She probably asked for it”, you need to watch this three-part series of how a predator works – particularly when it comes to grooming young people. The focus is on the victim’s bravery, and a woman’s quest to reclaim her life against all odds.

I could’ve done with more of the first and less of the latter, but the starting point of the story is with the latter, so I can understand the trajectory chosen.

Betrayal: The Perfect Husband is on Hulu from July 11, 2023.


Based on the hit podcast, Betrayal is a love story in reverse. Jen thought she was getting a second chance with her college sweetheart, Spencer, but after watching him being led away in handcuffs, she realizes the man she married may be monster.

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