FEED ME is a new horror-comedy about a truly deranged cannibal. But at least he’s honest about his desires which makes for a different kind of cannibal story. A solid runtime of 96 minutes. Read our full Feed Me movie review here!

FEED ME is a cannibalistic horror-comedy that works. So much about this story is absolutely crazy and the truly deranged cannibal at the center of this plot makes it even crazier. Still, it just works because of the way it evolves.


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As with most horror comedies, the runtime needs to match the story. Well, with a runtime of 96 minutes, this horror-comedy does actually manage to keep it rather tight. Oh, it gets wild and crazy, of course, but thanks to the way it builds up, it gets away with this.

Continue reading our Feed Me movie review below. It premieres On-Demand on October 27, 2022.

A cannibal with morals

Okay, saying he has morals might be going a bit too far, but still. I mean, he is very honest about wanting to eat a person. And he doesn’t do anything until the person has signed a contract. So there’s that.

In any case, it all begins when Jed finds himself desperate to escape this world. His life was shattered when his wife, Olivia (Samantha Loxley) dies very suddenly. Jed (Christopher Mulvin) feels directly responsible.


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Unfortunately, he finds himself in a bar with Lionel Flack (Neal Ward) just when his depression is at its worst. Lionel Flack is a truly deranged cannibal, who convinces Jed that he can redeem himself of his guilt.

All he has to do is go through the glorious act of letting himself be eaten to death. Slowly!

As I said, at least this cannibal is up-front about his desires and lets Jed decide if this is something he wants.

Feed Me – Review | Cannibal Horror Comedy

A fierce cast

It probably goes without saying that the real star of Feed Me, is the actor playing the cannibal. Neal Ward has this honor and he goes crazy with it. In all the right ways. Neal Ward was also in the previous film from the same filmmaker duo. And he was awesome in that one too.

You’ll probably be a bit distracted by the crazy American accent. Lionel Flack (Neal Ward) is a man of many surprises. Including not being able to say exactly where his accent is from, so there’s that. Also, his hair is crazy, so you know this will also be a thing later on in the story.

As the man being slowly eaten (and having volunteered to this), we see Christopher Mulvin as Jed. Very quickly, he ends up with the same physical features as one of the war veterans from The Peripheral. Yeah, it’s bad, but he is trying to redeem himself.

Anto Sharp and Nadia Lamin play police officers who end up involved with the cannibal in a roundabout way. All scenes with these two are actually very strong as well.

Watch Feed Me when you can!

Adam Leader and Richard Oakes are the co-directors and co-writers of Feed Me, which feels very much on-brand for these wacky filmmakers. To be fair, Adam Leader is the writer of the screenplay, but both get credit for coming up with the crazy story.

On the other hand, Richard Oakes is the cinematographer. So they do still share the filmmaking process and responsibility in a very equal way!

Their previous movie was Hosts (2020) which is also a very wild and wacky movie. It had a bit more of an issue with pacing, which has become better with Feed Me. I did like their previous movie as well, though.

What’s really awesome when it comes to Adam Leader and Richard Oakes movies is the fact that they go all in. When they have to choose between holding back or moving forward into the really uncomfortable moments, they throw themselves (and the story) deep into the uncomfortable.

However, since comedy and dark humor is also key part of their storytelling, it just works. Well, for me anyway. Just don’t try to eat anything while watching this horror comedy!

Feed Me is out on digital and on-demand platforms from October 27, 2022. 


Directors: Adam Leader, Richard Oakes
Script: Adam Leader, Richard Oakes
Cast: Neal Ward, Christopher Mulvin, Hannah Al Rashid, Samantha Loxley, Anto Sharp, Nadia Lamin


Following the death of his wife, a broken man spirals into an abyss of night tremors and depression and finds himself in the home of a deranged cannibal who convinces him to take his own life in the most horrific way imaginable.

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