VAMPIRES is a new Netflix series in the horror and fantasy genres. It’s about (surprise!) vampires and the series is from France. The lead character is a teenager but this series also caters to adults. Read our Vampires Season 1 review here!

Vampires is a new Netflix horror series with just 6 episodes in season 1. Basically, it’s one that you can binge extremely quickly. This new Netflix series is – of course – about vampires, which always seems to draw in viewers.

Another thing that tends to draw in lots of viewers, who binge-watch stuff quickly, is teenagers. The lead character in Vampires is the teen girl, Doina. Overall the series is about her and her family, but she is still the main focus of the story.

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French horror series on Netflix

This new Netflix series is from France, which should make you want to check it out.

After all, the last Netflix horror series from France was the brilliant Marianne. Unfortunately, that series was canceled after just one season despite both viewers and critics raving about how amazing it was. If you still haven’t watched it, then you have a real horror treat ahead of you.

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Vampires is no Marianne, but it does still have a lot of qualities for fans of vampire stories. Also, if you enjoyed the French Netflix series Mortel in terms of teen representation, then this new series should work for you as well.

Vampires: Season 1 – Netflix Review

Such a wonderful cast

Oulaya Amamra is the star of the new Vampires series on Netflix. I mean, she’s on the official poster (or cover image, if you will) for the series. She’s worked mostly on French productions but she was also in an episode of the AMC thriller mini-series The Little Drummer Girl (2018).

Her character is Doina and she’s half-vampire and half-human. Oulaya Amamra is really good in this role which is extremely important for this series to work.

Suzanne Clément from Xavier Dolan’s amazing Mommy (2014) and The Forest thriller series on Netflix plays Doina’s mother. Really, the cast of this Netflix series is more than enough reason to watch it. However, if you’re a fan of vampire stories, then that would also be a damn good reason to check this out.

Kate Moran is also in this Netflix series, which makes us very happy. She was in the horror, drama, romance movie Knife + Heart which we caught a screening of at AFI Fest in 2018. Coincidentally, Oulaya Amamra won an acting award at AFI Fest in 2016 for her role in Divines (2016).

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In Vampires, Kate Moran plays Csilla Nemeth who reigns over several vampires. Including Doina’s family.

Watch season 1 of Vampires on Netflix now!

The Vampires Netflix series was created by Benjamin Dupas and Isaure Pisani-Ferry. For Isaure Pisani-Ferry, this is only the second writing credit after a short film from 2017. Benjamin Dupas has worked on several productions in the past – both film and series.

Benjamin Dupas also worked on the sci-fi thriller Arès from 2016. A quite dark and dystopian series. Not to be confused with the Dutch horror series Ares on Netflix – read our series review of Ares here >

Vampires is not for everyone but it is a well-made series with high production quality. Also, it will probably appeal mostly to teenagers but the series does have plenty for the adult viewers as well.

All 6 episodes of Vampires Season 1 will be out on Netflix from March 20, 2020.


Creators: Benjamin Dupas, Isaure Pisani-Ferry
Stars: Kate Moran, Mounir Amamra, Juliette Cardinski


A Paris teen who’s half human, half vampire grapples with her emerging powers and family turmoil as she’s pursued by a secret vampire community.

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