Want THE SILENCE OF THE MARSH ending explained? Maybe you’re confused about the ending of The Silence of the Marsh movie on Netflix? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our take on Netflix thriller ending. *SPOILERS*

Want the Netflix movie The Silence of the Marsh ending explained? Ever since The Silence of the Marsh was released on Netflix, we’ve seen people ask questions about both the plot and the ending. However, it’s often the same few questions we see repeated over and over again. That’s why we’ve put together a little FAQ here and give you our answers.

Obviously, this will be full of spoilers regarding key plot elements from The Silence of the Marsh including the actual ending. After all, we need to delve into all of it to cover the various questions about the ending.

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Netflix movie The Silence of the Marsh ending explained

Let’s get into the The Silence of the Marsh ending by answering some of the most asked questions.

Was it all just part of the writer’s story?

This is a bit up to interpretation. However, from what we see, the writer does actually kidnap and kill the economics professor. What he doesn’t know is the fact that this man was deeply involved in organized crime.

He was essentially their Marty Byrde (the expert money launderer from the Netflix series Ozark).

Why does the author kill people?

He actually answers this when a fan asks him why the character in his books has become a serial killer: Because he can!

Much as it was the case with the killer in the Netflix horror-thriller The Open House and this is something people have a hard time understanding. We desperately need to understand why, but this is why asking why some people have a mental illness.

Maybe it’s a chemical imbalance or it’s inherited. Whatever the case, it just is.

And a serial killer kills because he wants to and he can. End of story… we don’t always get the explanations we crave.

Is the writer a serial killer?

If we are to believe that he uses the old family-owned house in the marsh as shown, then yes, the writer is very much a serial killer.

Also, this does answer the why… sort of. You see, in the case of this author, he kidnaps and kills people because he then uses everything he learns to make his stories more real. Essentially, it would appear they all are.

Netflix movie THE SILENCE OF THE MARSH ending explained

Did the writer die in the end?

No, not as far as we’re understanding the ending of The Silence of the Marsh.

But the character in his books is killed. The character appeared to be (very much) based on himself and in killing off this character, it would appear that he is leaving his serial killer days behind him.

Then again, a prequel could always come along. Or maybe just a new serial killer with a different style.

That’s what we’ve got so far. Hopefully, this helps you understand the ending of The Silence of the Marsh on Netflix. 

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