Cam is a new Netflix Horror Thriller with elements of Sci-Fi. It’s almost like a feature film length episode of Black Mirror which is a very good thing. Don’t miss this new Netflix movie!

Cam is yet another awesome Netflix movie. The story is built around the thriller and horror genre but the plot twist has elements of sci-fi. And honestly, it’s the sci-fi elements that create the real horror in this gem!

The story is based on real events in the sense that the writer (and executive producer), Isa Mazzei, used to be a “cam girl” herself. This creates a story with much more informed realism than any kind of prejudice and exposé that you might fear.

She simply got a [brilliant] idea based on real-life experience from this job. This means the story is much more laid back and credible than what you’d expect from a movie in the horror and sci-fi genre.

Also, with a runtime of around 90 minutes, Cam is able to maintain the interest of its audience with a complete story. By the time the credits roll across the screen, you might want more, but the story has run its course.

Cam does compare to Black Mirror

Even though Netflix has managed to produce (and purchase) genre productions of varying quality, these past months have delivered some intensely good stuff.

The Haunting of Hill House alone is more than enough to forgive any of the less-than-satisfying Netflix productions this year. Yes, I am looking at you Mute!

With Cam, we’re moving into Black Mirror territory which is always a good thing when done right. And it is definitely done right here!

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Black Mirror was originally a British TV production, but from season 3 Netflix came onboard as a producer. This meant the whole world received instant access to the new episodes as they were released.

Cam (2018) Netflix Review

Madeline Brewer carries Cam

The star of Cam is Madeline Brewer, who has a gorgeous and expressive face many people should recognize. Not from any Black Mirror episode, but rather from two of the other greatest TV show successes of this decade.

First, she was in Netflix’s own smash hit Orange is the New Black and then the Hulu mega-hit The Handmaid’s Tale. Especially in the latter series, Madeline Brewer has been stealing scenes as one of the more intense characters!

With Cam, Madeline Brewer gets the chance to show that she can also play a lead character. She is simply brilliant as the ambitious “cam girl” who wants to be one of the most popular in her field. But always without breaking her own rules.

Unlike some of the characters, she’s portrayed in the aforementioned shows, she’s a lot more of a “girl next door” character in Cam.

The basic premise of Cam is that these girls are all very “normal” and could be your own sister or best friend. It’s simply a different kind of work – and one where each decides how far they will go.

Or rather, that’s how it should be but our protagonists get trapped in her own real-life nightmare!

Screened at film festivals before Netflix release

Cam premiered and screened at a few film festivals before being released on Netflix. The simple reason for this is to enable strong Netflix movies to compete for various awards.

This movie was part of the AFI Fest [the American Film Institute film festival], which also had the world premiere of Bird Box. That’s the new horror thriller by Danish director Susanne Bier (The Night Manager) starring Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes.

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While we did manage to watch Bird Box at AFI Fest, we missed the chance to watch Cam. However, we know it was a smash hit there as well. A midnight screening was followed by a Q&A, which – even around 2 AM – kept the audience engaged.

Two strong debuts

Cam was directed by Daniel Goldhaber and is actually his feature film debut. He did two short films (back in 2012 and 2013) and hopefully, Cam will enable him to make more feature films soon.

He also co-created the story for this movie along with Isabelle Link-Levy and Isa Mazzei, who (as mentioned earlier) drew on her own experience.

The script itself was written solely by screenwriter debutant, Isa Mazzei, which turned out to be a very good thing. The result is so strong that hopefully, we’ll get more from her soon.

Cam is out on Netflix worldwide now!


Director: Daniel Goldhaber
Cast: Madeline Brewer, Patch Darragh, Melora Walters, Devin Druid


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