TINY PRETTY THINGS is a new Netflix thriller series featuring mostly younger characters – mostly teenagers. It’s been described as Pretty Little Liars meets Black Swan which I think is over-selling this new series. Read our Tiny Pretty Things season 1 review here!

TINY PRETTY THINGS is a new Netflix YA series in the thriller, drama, and mystery genres. The series opens with someone dying rather violently – though still looking rather gorgeous, of course. And yes, this was my first clue that this series would not be for me. That is not to say that it’s a bad series… it just isn’t really my kind of thing.

The story focuses mostly on young adult characters (or teenagers, to be plain). Season 1 has ten episodes and they’re all out on Netflix now and will surely be binged by many.

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Pretty Little Liars meet Black Swan? Not quite!

I’ve seen Tiny Pretty Things described as Pretty Little Liars meet Black Swan which I think is over-selling this new series… a lot! Maybe this was true for the book it’s based on, but for this Netflix series, I wouldn’t make this comparison.

As far as a comparison to Black Swan? In Black Swan, we’re dealing with adult women and a much darker and way more sinister outlook. Sure, both series are about ballet and ambition. Overall, I think Tiny Prety Things is much better compared to The Order in style and tone. Again, this is not a bad thing. It’s just more accurate.

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Sure, Tiny Pretty Things does have the somewhat campy vibe of Pretty Little Liars. However, it’s mostly due to its gay male characters. Also, this Netflix series seems to lead towards being a very serious drama. Pretty Little Liars could get away with much because it used humor. At least during the first seasons. Admittedly, I did give up before the series ended.

Tiny Pretty Things – Netflix Review

Watch Tiny Pretty Things Season 1 on Netflix now!

This new Netflix series is based on the novel by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. The script adaptation for this series was done by Michael MacLennan. Since I haven’t read the book, I have no way of saying if this is a good adaptation. However, Michael MacLennan has written on series such as Queer as Folk, Bomb Girls, and The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco. All strong series featuring women and LGBT characters. Just like Tiny Pretty Things. 

Out of ten episodes, only four are directed by a woman, which seems like a bit of a shame and a missed opportunity.

Season 1 of Tiny Pretty Things has 10 one-hour episodes and I’m sure many will want to binge-watch this YA series quickly. While I do enjoy many series with main characters who are teenagers, this one doesn’t do much for me. It’s too over the top to become truly dark for me. Also, not quite campy enough for me to enjoy it in that sense either.

However, I have no doubt that I’m not part of the target demographic. That’s why I wanted to mention that I do like many productions that have teenagers as main characters. From the German Netflix series Dark to the Japanese Alice in Borderland or even just Stranger Things. Also, the really awesome new Amazon Prime Video series The Wilds, which is far better in my opinion.

Season 1 of Tiny Pretty Things is out on Netflix from December 14, 2020.


Creator: Michael MacLennan
Stars: Shaun Benson, Brennan Clost, Barton Cowperthwaite, Bayardo De Murguia, Damon J. Gillespie, Lauren Holly, Kylie Jefferson, Casimere Jollette


When an attack brings down the star student at an elite ballet school, her replacement enters a world of lies, betrayal — and cutthroat competition.

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