THE HOLE IN THE GROUND is a new horror movie on Netflix UK. It’s an Irish production and it uses Irish folklore as a plot driver. This works really well but the true gem of this movie is the acting. It is absolutely brilliant. Read more in our full The Hole in the Ground review here!

The Hole in the Ground is a new horror movie on Netflix UK. The movie is from Ireland and that’s not just in terms of production but rather it’s the entire plot and character landscape. It works like a charm because the writer and director have gone all-in with the horror elements.

To me, the acting of star Seána Kerslake is breathtaking. I could not get enough of watching her on-screen. She has the most amazing face and can do so much without uttering a word. Something just perfect for this kind of horror movie.

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Seána Kerslake is perfect for horror

I have seen Irish actor Seána Kerslake in a few movies already and while the characters, she has portrayed, have been very different, she is always brilliant. The Hole in the Ground is no exception. In fact, this is the strongest performance I have seen from her so far. 

Seána Kerslake previously starred in the movie A Date for Mad Mary which is where I first became familiar with her. She can so easily carry a movie since she is so intriguing you continue to want more scenes with her.

In The Hole in the Ground, she shares a lot of scenes with James Quinn Markey who plays her son Chris. From several scenes throughout the movie, you should catch on to the notion that Sarah (Seána Kerslake) has left an abusive relationship and is hiding with her son.

Unfortunately, little Chris runs off into the woods to a strange hole in the ground. When he comes back home, Sarah starts to suspect it isn’t her son but rather something that just looks like her son. Trust me, you will come to think the same. Just by watching the trailer, you should know why.

Also, if the young James Quinn Markey looks familiar, you may have seen him in the TV series Vikings. He played the young Ivar in season 4 (2016). He hasn’t done much yet, but he is clearly talented so hopefully, he will continue acting in the future.

The Hole in the Ground (2019) Review | Horror on Netflix

The ending of The Hole in the Ground 

This is not a “The Hole in the Ground ending explained” bit but rather a comment on the ending. The ending of The Hole in the Ground will no doubt leave some people wondering. Especially if you haven’t been paying attention due to distractions from your phone or people around you.

Fortunately, I saw The Hole in the Ground at a film festival screening which was followed up by a Q&A with the writer-director of the movie. For the record, he is almost a stereotypical Irishman. Charming and mischevious who sang praises of this cast and loved playing with the audience when they wanted answers.

Parts of both the story and the ending of The Hole in the Ground is up to your interpretation. Sure, director Lee Cronin has his ideas, but he has given you all the clues you need to create your narrative and draw your own conclusions.

The Hole in the Ground (2019) Review | Horror on Netflix

Watch The Hole in the Ground on Netflix

The Hole in the Ground was directed by Lee Cronin who also co-wrote the script with Stephen Shields. Previously, Stephen Shields created the TV series Zombie Bashers which is a horror-comedy and something entirely different from this feature film.

Lee Cronin has already worked on a few horror productions in the past. He did the “Ghost Train” segment of the Minutes Past Midnight anthology which he also wrote.

This movie is difficult to explain without spoiling it and it certainly isn’t for everyone. However, the psychological horror elements along with the practical horror effects are brilliant. I love it for the horror vibe and brilliant acting but I do recognize it isn’t for everyone. If you just focus on the movie, then I do think you will enjoy it.

The Hole in the Ground is out on Netflix in the UK and on digital in the US.


Director: Lee Cronin
Writers: Lee Cronin, Stephen Shields
Stars: Seána Kerslake, James Quinn Markey, Kati Outinen, Simone Kirby, Eoin Macken, James Cosmo


After moving to a new town, a single mother becomes convinced that her son has been replaced by something from beneath the sinkhole behind their house.

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