TRUE STORY on Netflix is a new limited series starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes. The main genre is Thriller with a plot that features both surprising and quite violent twists. With just 7 episodes it’s a quick watch. Read our full True Story review here!

TRUE STORY is a new Netflix limited series starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes in the all-important lead roles. This is a thriller, and it features quite a few deaths (including by way of murder). Here at Heaven of Horror, we didn’t expect anything special from this mini-series. However, since it’s a thriller, we had to check it out.

Also, since it features both crime, mystery, and drama as well as thriller, there is plenty to stick around for. Be warned though. This is one of those productions where the less you know, the better. It manages to surprise quite a few times, so make sure you avoid spoilers before watching it.

Continue reading our spoiler-free True Story review below. The limited series has seven episodes and they will all be out on Netflix from November 24, 2021.

A very meta thriller

In many ways, Kevin Hart (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) plays a character that appears to be built on his own career path. However, there are quite a few obvious differences. Both in terms of the character’s personal issues and career. For one, The Kid (Kevin Hart) has a movie out that is just about to make one billion dollars.

It should come as no surprise that the movie in this limited series (with the title The Anti-verse) is a superhero movie. Nor should it surprise that it co-stars Chris Hemsworth. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Chris Hemsworth is just one of quite a few cameos.


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While Kevin Hart is really good in True Story, Wesley Snipes (Blade) does play the character that is bound to run away with most of the attention.

True Story – Review – Netflix Limited Series

Wesley Snipes in Netflix series True Story 

Wesley Snipes is most definitely memorable as the useless (or at the very least unfortunate) older brother, Carlton. Having a superstar for a younger brother (Kevin Hart’s character, The Kid) means Carlton knows he has a built-in safety net. It also means that everyone around The Kid hates it when Carlton shows up. Problems always follow!

And yes, Wesley Snipes is pretty damn perfect as the older brother, who can’t really do anything right (or legally). While Carlton is older and stronger (physically anyway) than his younger brother, he still always needs help from him. Specifically in the form of financial contribution. Carlton obviously does not care about the well-being of his brother.

Aside from Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes, you’ll also see Theo Rossi (Sons of AnarchyArmy of the Dead) in a key role. He definitely leaves an impression as well. So does Billy Zane (Dead Calm, Ghosts of War), who plays a very interesting character. Both Theo Rossi and Billy Zane portray characters that the plot revolves around.

Watch True Story on Netflix!

The True Story mini-series on Netflix is created by Eric Newman, who previously wrote on the Netflix productions Narcos and Narcos: México. Eric Newman has worked much more as a producer than a writer. He has produced movies like Zach Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead (2004)James Gunn’s Slither (2006),  The Last Exorcism (2010), The Thing (2011), and Robocop (2014).

In other words, a whole lot of genre movies. And yes, he is also a producer on True Story.

The episodes are directed by either Stephen Williams (4 episodes) or Hanelle M. Culpepper (3 episodes). Stephen Williams directed on Lost, The Walking Dead, Watchmen, and Westworld. Hanelle M. Culpepper also has a lot of series experience from directing episodes of Sleepy Hollow, NOS4A2, and Big Sky. To name just a few!

If you’re wondering whether True Story is your kind of series, then just watch the first episode. It’s one hour long and if you’re hooked, there are six more episodes (each around half an hour long). You can essentially binge-watch the whole thing in under four hours.

Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes – along with the surprising twists and developments – make for a very binge-worthy series, so do give it a chance. Also, enjoy the fact that the supporting characters also get an actual backstory!

All seven episodes of TRUE STORY are out on Netflix from November 24, 2021.


Creator:Eric Newman
Stephen Williams, Hanelle Culpepper
Stars: Kevin Hart, Wesley Snipes, Tawny Newsome, Will Catlett, Paul Adelstein, Theo Rossi, Ash Santos, John Ales, Chris Diamantopoulos, Billy Zane, Lauren London


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