THE SECRET OF THE GRECO FAMILY on Netflix is a new mini-series based on a true story. A Telemundo production from Argentina and Mexico (org. title: El secreto de la familia Greco). Read our The Secret of the Greco Family series review here!

THE SECRET OF THE GRECO FAMILY is a new Netflix mini-series in the true-crime subgenre. This is a Mexico Argentina co-production (org. title: El secreto de la familia Greco) produced by Telemundo.

In this series, there are nine 45-minute episodes. By the end of episode 1, things are already very dark and brutal. Still, things escalate quite quickly as we follow a family of criminals who kidnap and torture (even murder) the victims if the family doesn’t pay the requested ransom. Actually, they may not survive anyway.

Continue reading our The Secret of the Greco Family series review below. Find the mini-series on Netflix from November 4, 2022.

The Secret of the Greco Family true story

The story in The Secret of the Greco Family is based on a true story about the Puccio family. This story takes place in Mexico, but the series is actually an adaption of the popular Argentine series Historia de un Clan from 2015.

That’s also a huge reason why this new Netflix series is a co-production between Mexico and Argentina. And also why Telemundo has been helming the actual production.


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In the original Argentine series, the heads of the family were portrayed by Alejandro Awada (El bar) and Cecilia Roth (The Crimes that Bind). If you’ve watched that series, I don’t think this new adaptation will have many surprises, though a few things have been changed.

The actual crimes, however, are still very much related to the true story of the Puccio family.

The core cast of The Secret of the Greco Family is made up of Fernando Colunga and Lisa Owen (Original Sin, Nacho Libre) as the heads of the Greco family. These two really set the stage and mood of the entire story. Especially Fernando Colunga as the ruthless patriarch who will stop at nothing.

Also, Manuel Masalva (Narcos México), Alejandro de Hoyos Parera, Samantha Siqueiros, Roberta Damián, and Paula Reca. The story and cast alone is enough to give this Netflix series a chance.

The Secret of the Greco Family – Netflix Series Review

The Greco family is based on the Puccio family

The names and locations might have been changed, but the Greco family in The Secret of the Greco Family is obviously based on the Puccio family.

The Greco family are acting out their crimes in the 1980s in Jalisco, Mexico. In the true story of the Puccio family, the crimes also took place in the early 1980s but in Argentina. They lived in a large house in San Isidro, which is a wealthy suburb of Buenos Aires.

The Puccio family consisted of the father, mother, and their five older children (three sons, and two daughters). In the Netflix series, the Greco family is made up of the father, mother, and their four children (two sons and two daughters).

One son in the real-life Puccio family was a star rugby player. In this Netflix series, the son is a star polo player instead. You get the gist – details have been altered, but the big picture remains the same.

Watch The Secret of the Greco Family on Netflix now!

The writer of The Secret of the Greco Family is Alejandro Ciancio. He is from Argentina and has worked on a few other series already. One of them is the award-winning series El marginal.

Personally, I didn’t know about the true crime this was based on. Nor did I know many (if any, really) of the cast members. However, this is a very strong production. One that starts out with an excellent opening scene, which should get you hooked.

Also, it should be noted that the opening scene depicts something that actually happened. Alejandro Puccio did exactly what we see Andrés Greco do in this opening scene. A desperate attempt to get away from justice!

If you like to watch crime and thriller series that are based on true stories, then you should definitely check out this new Netflix series. It’s some nasty business, kidnapping people for ransom. However, keep in mind that these series are made because they got caught in the end!

The Secret of the Greco Family is on Netflix from November 4, 2022.


Writer: Alejandro Ciancio
Stars: Fernando Colunga, Lisa Owen, Manuel Masalva, Luis Machín, Rafael Ferro, Alejandro de Hoyos, Samantha Siqueiros, Roberta Damián, Antonio de la Vega, Delfina Chaves, Celina Font, Eliseo Barrionuevo, Guadalupe Docampo, Junior Pisanu, Ernesto Claudio, Juan Sorini, Iván Espeche, Camila Flamenco, Carola Reyna


A seemingly perfect family secretly kidnaps wealthy people for ransom to maintain their high standard of living and social status. Based on a true story.

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