THE CRIMES THAT BIND is a new Netflix crime-thriller movie from Argentina. The original title is Crímenes de familia and the language is (of course) Spanish. This Netflix movie should work for most viewers. Read our full The Crimes That Bind review!

THE CRIMES THAT BIND is a new Netflix crime-thriller movie from Argentina. The is Spanish and the original title is Crímenes de familia which gives you a good clue about the storyline. This is all about family and what we do to keep our loved ones safe.

Or, in the case of The Crimes That Bind, keep them out of prison. Whether you agree with the actions of our main protagonist, the plot should be relatable in some way. Also, it’s based on (or inspired by) a true story.

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When are we?

The timeline of The Crimes That Bind can be a bit tricky to follow. There is a lot of moving back and forth chronologically since we’re essentially following two different crimes.

In other words, put your cell phone far away and focus on the story being told. This is a thriller-drama featuring crime and it does require that you pay attention. While it might feel a little slow-burn at times, it never feels slow and it doesn’t run too long.

Even while paying attention, I found myself getting lost in the “Wait, when are we now?!”-way. Nothing that ruins the story, but just try to keep up because the stories being told are really intense. Also, the actors are really giving some amazing performances.

The Crimes That Bind – Netflix Review

The star of The Crimes That Bind 

The absolute star of The Crimes That Bind is Cecilia Roth. She’s the key to every storyline and plot development and she is magnificent. Sure, you might get annoyed with her at times, but you should still be able to follow her logic.

Compared to the storylines of The Son (El hijo) or Your Son (Tu hijo) which both feature fathers fighting for their sons, Alicia (Cecilia Roth) is a lot more rational. Naive at times, yes, but also a lot more fair and responsible.

If you’ve watched a few Pedro Almodóvar movies, then Cecilia Roth should definitely be a familiar face. She was in his debut feature film and has been part of many of his movies since.

Also, I should highlight Yanina Ávila who plays Gladys, the maid, in The Crimes That Bind. She has a very different kind of character to work with and does so with heart and realism.

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The Crimes That Bind is directed by Sebastián Schindel who also co-wrote the screenplay with Pablo Del Teso. Sebastián Schindel also directed the Netflix movie The Son (org. title El Hijo) which has a few similarities to this new movie. Mostly in the sense that it’s all about family.

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Overall, The Crimes That Bind (or Crímenes de familia) is the kind of thriller that stays with you for a while after the credits have rolled. Its strength is the reliability of the characters. You might not be able to recognize the specific challenges in this story, but surely you can try to put yourself in their place.

Check it out on Netflix if you enjoy the kind of story that makes you question your own morals. One that requires your full attention. And is worth it!

The Crimes That Bind is out on Netflix from August 20, 2020.


Director: Sebastián Schindel
Writers: Pablo Del Teso, Sebastián Schindel
Stars: Cecilia Roth, Miguel Ángel Solá, Sofía Gala Castiglione, Benjamín Amadeo, Sofía Gala Castiglione, Yanina Ávila, Marcelo Subiotto, Paola Barrientos, Diego Cremonesi, Claudio Martínez Bel


Alicia is a desperate mother who will do everything possible to prevent her son Daniel from being imprisoned for his ex-wife’s attempted murder. In the middle of all this process, Alicia will discover a secret plot that will change her life completely and turn it into a real nightmare.

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