THE MOST HATED MAN ON THE INTERNET is a Netflix true-crime documentary about Hunter Moore and his awful actions. All three one-hour episodes are worth watching. Read our full The Most Hated Man on the Internet documentary review here!

THE MOST HATED MAN ON THE INTERNET is a Netflix documentary series in three parts. We’re in the true-crime subgenre and during three one-hour episodes, you’ll get the full story. The case covered in this docu-series is still very relevant today.

This three-part series shows that anyone can fight back. In this case, a mother protecting her daughter will stop at nothing to set things right. And once her own daughter has been helped, she continues fighting for other victims. Charlotte Laws is the real star of this Netflix docu-series!

Continue reading our The Most Hated Man on the Internet documentary review below. All three episodes are out on Netflix from July 27, 2022.

A self-proclaimed “life ruiner”

This Netflix documentary is all about Hunter Moore and his awful actions. The man is a self-proclaimed “life ruiner” who made a website dedicated to shaming and violating women and men. He did so by sharing pictures of people (often in undressed or compromising positions) alongside their names and social media handles.

While watching this docu-series, I couldn’t help but think that this man was clearly making himself out to be a huge star and rebel. However, in reality, the man still lived at home and was just a cheap Colin Farrell look-a-like.

But hey, he most definitely knew how to get content that would create page views and very engaged users. Also, he simply used the tricks that have since been used by influencers and politicians alike. Imagine what Hunter Moore could have become if he had used his talent for something real and good instead!

The Most Hated Man on the Internet – Review | Netflix Docu

The media as enablers

The Most Hated Man on the Internet tells the story of how one mother’s mission against the self-styled ‘”King of Revenge Porn” ultimately led to his downfall. This happened after nude photos of her daughter were posted on his infamous website

On this website, explicit photos of women and men were posted. Often without their permission. Either as an act of revenge by a former partner or because they were hacked. And yes, some also sent in their own pictures — in some cases to promote their own careers, as it’s the case for one of the women featured in this docu-series.

Hunter Moore managed to very quickly build a fanatic cult following. This following was typically made up of young men (and far too many women), who hung on his every word and move. Unfortunately, this rapid growth (as well as the extreme content) meant a lot of attention from huge media outlets.

Obviously, lots of people criticized and were disgusted by both the website and his attitude. However, it also helped his website grow even faster. Lots of free publicity will do that!

Also, the most radical among his followers formed a group called “The Family”. They acted out revenge and attacks on his behalf!

Watch The Most Hated Man on the Internet on Netflix!

The three-part series comes from director Rob Miller and executive producer Alex Marengo from Raw TV. This is the same production company that gave us the amazing true-crime documentary productions Don’t F**k with Cats and The Tinder Swindler. Both are on Netflix as well.

What really works for this Netflix docu-series is the fact that so many people who were actively involved with the case take part. We see exclusive interviews with multiple women (and a few men) who fought to have images taken down or who simply hated the concept and became the crusaders who took Moore down.

Also, there are interviews with law enforcement agents who worked the case. As is far too often the case, justice works at a snail’s pace. It’s grotesque really, but ultimately, it does work. Well, to some extent.

There is no doubt that this Netflix production is difficult to watch. However, it’s also very important. I urge you to just hang in there and listen to all the stories and not judge too quickly. Actually, no, you can judge Hunter Moore all you want, but give the other people involved a bit more time to tell their story.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet is out on Netflix on July 27, 2022.


The Most Hated Man on the Internet tells the story of one mother’s mission against the self-styled ‘King of Revenge Porn’, after nude photos of her daughter are posted online.

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