Little Evil is a dark horror-comedy with a great cast. It might not hit all marks perfectly, but it’s good fun and a solid Netflix original.

Little Evil has a stellar cast and lots of wonderful references to classic horror movies. Not just the obvious The Omen, though of course there are plenty of references to that one.

Yet somehow little Lucas almost reminds me more of an AC/DC band member than Damien.

Speaking of little Lucas, he’s portrayed by Owen Atlas, who does a wonderful job. He’s definitely got a way with giving those evil eyes. And he’s equally skilled at turning it on and off at will. Perfect for the character!

There’s an equally obvious (and expected) amount of crude humor. That pretty much goes with the territory in horror-comedy and it works really well in Little Evil.

Of course, different jokes work for different people, but overall I was definitely entertained.

Little Evil actually has a good story

It’s not really expected that horror-comedies have deep storylines. They’re meant to entertain by bringing a little laughter and shock into your life. And yet, Little Evil has quite a lot to say in a well-rounded story.

Oh, but don’t worry, this does not mean it turns into a lecture of some sort!

And unlike with some horror-comedy movies, I did experience jump scares during this one. Maybe it’s just that I was lulled into not expecting them, but either way, they did the trick.

Also, we get to follow a therapy group for step-dads and while it could easily be ridiculed, it’s actually not. Or rather, obviously there are ridiculous examples of what the step-dads are enduring, but the purpose of the group is to make things work. Well, that and just having someone to talk to, who believe you when you tell them your step kids are making your life miserable.

Still, it’s very clear that there’s a lot of love there and I’m relieved that this is the case. In that particular sense, it’s almost a bit of a feel-good movie… in a very crude and dark way, of course.

Little Evil – Netflix

You can’t go wrong with this cast

Little Evil stars Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly as the step-dad and biological mom of little Lucas. Adam Scott has a long list of amazing movies and TV shows on his resume, including the horror-comedy Christmas movie Krampus.

In fact, the characters in this movie is somewhat reminiscent of the Krampus character. A good man wanting to do the right thing for himself and those he love.

Evangeline Lilly is probably best known from the TV show Lost , The Hobbit trilogy, and Ant-Man. She hasn’t done much comedy, but she should.

She’s perfect as the “straight man” to all the craziness going on. Even when she’s the one bringing the crazy. Also, as Samantha she has great comedic timing and a crazy storyline.

Other than Evangeline Lilly and Adam Scott, we have a whole slew of great supporting actors. There’s Clancy Brown of the Sleepy Hollow TV series (and the original Highlander, of course). And Tyler Labine of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil has a very interesting character that drives the plot forward – and has some of the best lines!

Finally, there’s Bridget Everett who portrays AL. She’s a self-proclaimed “step-dad” to her wife’s kids and just an overall funny and very crude characters. Also, she’s the best friend of Adam Scott’s lead character, Gary.

Little Evil – Netflix

More comedy than horror, but worth watching

Eli Craig wrote and directed Little Evil. You may know some of his previous work if you’re a fan of the horror-comedy genre. He made the amazing Tucker & Dale vs. Evil in 2010 and the Zombieland TV production from 2013.

Personally, I loved Tucker & Dale vs. Evil so I was very excited when Little Evil suddenly popped up on my radar. I can’t say I’ve found a new Top 10 horror-comedy with his latest movie, but it is most definitely entertaining.

And – as any good horror-comedy – it pushes the envelope and goes a little crazy. In the best of ways!

Little Evil is out worldwide on Netflix from September 1, 2017.


Director: Eli Craig
Writer: Eli Craig
Cast: Evangeline Lilly, Adam Scott, Bridget Everett, Clancy Brown, Tyler Labine, Donald Faison


Gary who has just married Samantha the woman of his dreams, discovers that her six-year-old son may be the Antichrist.

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