THE MAN WITH 1000 KIDS on Netflix is a new docu-series with 3 episodes. It’s a donor-child story that gets wilder with each episode. Fascinating and scary. Read our full The Man with 1000 Kids documentary review here!

THE MAN WITH 1000 KIDS is a new Netflix docu-series in three parts. It’s a true crime documentary even if it isn’t the kind we typically cover. Instead of a serial killer, we have a serial sperm donor.

There are rules (or guidelines) to avoid this, but they rely on an honor system. The donor in this case, clearly just wants to procreate due to a God-complex and isn’t interested in adhering to these terms. He has children worldwide now!

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A serial sperm donor

With each new documentary, I feel like I learn something I didn’t even have the imagination for. I mean, the concept of a “serial sperm donor” wasn’t really something I had considered.

Sure, you can make money from donating, but there is a limit. Then again, if you donate sperm to several (as in many!) clinics – despite signing a document stating you only donate to one clinic – then there is no real limit.

Add to this that this serial sperm donor also made private donations, and you have a number of children that go beyond anything you would naturally imagine.


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In The Man With 1000 Kids, we hear about the charming Dutch donor, Jonathan Meijer. He has traveled the world and donated sperm worldwide. Claiming to the recipients (straight couples as well as LGBTQ couples or single women) that he would only donate a maximum of five times.

In reality, he was a new kind of Catfish who didn’t want a partner (or even their money), but just wanted women having his babies on a mass scale.

The Man with 1000 Kids – Review | Netflix Documentary Series

Get to know the Sperm donor bros

Jonathan Meijer is far from the only serial sperm donor out there. It’s a thing apparently. Exactly the kind of thing I just hadn’t imagined existed, but (of course!) it does.

Also, he is a YouTuber and by watching his videos (or “video blogs” as he calls them), he makes his stance on many interesting topics known.

He worked worldwide as a donor and it’s clear that he wants to make babies that can carry on the genes of his white skin, blond hair, and blue eyes! As a YouTuber, he has also spoken on the topic of white privilege and how he doesn’t believe in it.

Other sperm donor bros go so far as to talk about “bleaching Africa” as they start donating to a clinic in Kenya. Yeah, it gets pretty dark and very racist.

And before anyone wants to blame the mothers for accepting private donations – which I admittedly did think seemed insanely dangerous – you should notice that going to a clinic and paying out of pocket isn’t any safer.

The result is the same, only more expensive and without any direct contact with him.

Watch The Man with 1000 Kids on Netflix now!

The Man with 1000 Kids comes from the makers of Lover, Stalker, Killer. As a documentary series, it’s well-produced and includes interviews with the mothers, doctors at fertility clinics, and the lawyer to take the case to court in the Netherlands.

While the serial sperm donor is the focal point, we also take a look at the billion-dollar fertility industry. One without global regulations – some international fertility clinics even continue to allow anonymous donations – which enables the sperm donor bros.

Jonathan Meijer has already done numerous “video blogs” on YouTube where he speaks about this documentary. He declined to participate in it, which was no surprise as he has his YouTube channel for that.

A channel that will undoubtedly grow wildly in views after this. Also, I would not be the least bit surprised if he is contacted by many new women, who want him to donate sperm. After all, he clearly has some extremely efficient swimmers.

Of course, the ending of this Netflix docu-series does make it obvious that this would be a crime. How they plan on making sure he doesn’t “donate” is another thing. I mean, you can’t stop someone from having relationships.

The Man with 1000 Kids premieres on Netflix on July 3, 2024.


A group of families learn the charismatic man they had trusted is sperm donor to hundreds — or perhaps thousands — of other children across the world.

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