LOVER, STALKER, KILLER on Netflix is a new true crime documentary that covers a case evolving in crazy ways. You may guess the twists. However, that’s mostly due to it having been made into a documentary. Read our full Lover, Stalker, Killer documentary review here!

LOVER, STALKER, KILLER is a new Netflix true crime documentary. That case featured is pretty much described right there in the title. A lover becomes a stalker and then a killer. Well, maybe the progress and development in how it escalates overlap a bit.

In any case, it’s a documentary with a runtime of right around the 90-minute mark. This results in a tightly told story about how one unfortunate decision can land you in the path of crazy.

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Catfish gone deadly

If you’ve watched Catfish (either the documentary or TV show), you’ll know all about the dangers of online dating. As someone who has successfully met the love of my life online, I’m not about to say online dating is all bad. However, it seems like bad online dating can evolve and escalate differently.

For Dave, who recently left a long-term relationship, it’s the perfect way to move on. He isn’t looking for anything serious and is up-front about it as he turns to online dating. This is how he meets Liz and Cari, who are both promising connections but not meant to be anything serious.

Also, they’re both single moms wanting to do their own things and have something casual. Perfect for Dave, who also has two kids and has moved to a new state to be close to them after the break-up with their mother. Unfortunately, these casual romances turn into a twisted and sinister love triangle, where a stalker damn-near ruins his entire life.

And takes the life of another!

Lover, Stalker, Killer – Review | Netflix True Crime Documentary

A touch of Basic Instinct

Despite the true crime in Lover, Stalker, Killer being much more reminiscent of Fatal Attraction than another Michael Douglas-starring movie, I kept thinking of it. I’m talking about Basic Instinct and there’s a very good reason for that.

Turns out this Netflix documentary is the latest in productions opting for a score heavily inspired by Jerry Goldsmith’s iconic Basic Instinct. Just listen to the eerie score playing in the background of Lover, Stalker, Killer and tell me it doesn’t sound like this Basic Instinct score.

Admittedly, it’s perfect for setting the tone of this true crime documentary, so I can understand why.

Even if I’m not a fan of using music to evoke emotions in a documentary. I believe more in letting the story stand alone. However, as there are also reenactments – used sparingly, I’m pleased to say – I guess it makes sense.

Also, I have to admit that the true crime case in Lover, Stalker, Killer does feel like something out of a movie. In fact, had it been a movie, you’d probably be feeling like they went a bit too far with the plot. As is often the case, real life is wilder than anything you could make up.

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Director Sam Hobkinson (Fear City: New York vs The Mafia) has managed to craft a documentary that focuses on the key elements of this true crime case. Getting a wonderfully nerdy IT guy to explain the digital deception and fact-finding mission is a scoop. Especially as he was the one who worked on the case.


This new Netflix documentary is from Curious Films, who also made Running with the Devil

Covering the events in this true crime case that spans four years is no small feat. However, thanks to solid and relevant interviews with those involved, the story is told in a sober and direct manner. The interviews include law enforcement officers (and a great IT guy) who cracked the case.

Now, I’m not about victim blaming, so I can’t blame him for trying online dating again at a later point in time. However, I do want to point out that there’s a reason why Catfish victims usually turn to offline dating after a bad experience. And Dave has had a terrible experience with online dating, so finding connections offline might be better.

Lover, Stalker, Killer is on Netflix globally from February 9, 2024.


In this twisting documentary, a mechanic tries online dating for the first time and meets a woman who takes romantic obsession to a deadly extreme.

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