THE LONGEST NIGHT on Netflix is a new Spanish thriller series (org. title La noche más larga) in six episodes. If you’re a fan of movies and series from Spain, you should recognize quite a few faces. Read our full The Longest Night series review here!

THE LONGEST NIGHT is a new Netflix series from Spain (org. title La noche más larga). The season has just six hour-long episodes and the genres are thriller, crime, action, and drama.

The series takes place in a psychiatric prison right around Christmas. Obviously, it would have been quite ideal for a release around the Holidays instead of in the middle of summer. But hey, I’m sure the timing just didn’t fit right for such a perfect release. In any case, this thriller series should work for many viewers.

Continue reading our The Longest Night series review below. The series is out on Netflix from July 8, 2022.

The Longest Night – Netflix Series Review

A dangerously smart (and creepy) serial killer

At the heart of the story are quite a few mysteries as well, since we’re not entirely sure who wants what. And why!

What we do know is that a newly arrested serial killer is being held at a psychiatric prison temporarily. Also, we know that a lot of people have various interests in this serial killer and want to get him out of there.

It should be said that the serial killer, Simón Lago, is super creepy and often just stands in the background. Observing and smiling. He’s extremely intelligent and loves playing little games so there is plenty of drama and confusion from this.

Simón Lago is portrayed by Luis Callejo who does a great job at portraying this creepy killer. If Luis Callejo seems familiar it might be from the Netflix series In from the Cold (2022).

The Longest Night – Netflix Series Review

So many characters!

Obviously, the setting of this psychiatric prison means we’ll get to meet many characters. Most of them are very interesting, but getting some background info on them happens way too slowly for my liking. Episode 1 consists mainly of setting the stage and getting to see all the characters.

From the inmates to the prison guards, and various doctors. After all, it is a psychiatric prison.

From episode 2, we begin to get some background information, but only a little bit. Mainly a key detail about one of the female inmates. On the other hand, what you might notice about episode 2 is that a huge car crash happens at the end of episode 1 and it isn’t mentioned or followed up on in episode 2.

When binge-watching a show (as it often happens on Netflix), it’s pretty weird to not get any follow-up on something you just watched happening.

In any case, I should mention some of the interesting characters and the actors playing them. Many of them are played by familiar faces if you watch Spanish series and movies on a semi-regular basis.

The Warden, Hugo, is portrayed by Alberto Ammann (Narcos: México). The two people apparently leading the struggle to get their hands on the serial killer are portrayed by Roberto Álamo and José Luis García Pérez, who were both in the brilliant May God Save Us (2016).


Watch the series The Longest Night on Netflix now!

Óscar Pedraza is the director of all six episodes in this Netflix series. He previously directed on series such as the Netflix series Sky Rojo (2021) and Tierra de lobos. He is quite focused on directing series, so he still hasn’t directed a feature film.

Xosé Morais and Victoriano Sierra Ferreiro are the writers behind this Spanish Netflix series. Just like the series director, Óscar Pedraza, these two are also focused on series rather than feature films. And hey, I can definitely respect a dedication to the series medium rather than film.

However, I can’t help but feel that everything gets dragged out more than it has to be. Characters consistently make bad choices or do stupid things just to create more drama and danger for future episodes. This would’ve been cut for a feature film, which this series could have been.

On the other hand, I like seeing the background of the various characters. Just like we did in Orange is the New Black. It just doesn’t happen nearly enough in this series. Then again, with just six episodes, there isn’t enough time for that either. My main issue is probably that I don’t get the tight story of a movie while not getting enough character info either.

Oh well, maybe future seasons can change that. If this is a hit, you know we’ll get more seasons on Netflix.

The Longest Night (org. title La noche más larga) is out on Netflix from July 8, 2022.


Director: Oscar Pedraza
Writers: Víctor Sierra, Xosé Morais Rodríguez
Stars: Luis Callejo, Alberto Ammann, Sabela Arán, César Mateo, Xabier Deive


The Longest Night is the night of December 24th: a group of armed men surround the Monte Baruca prison and cut off communications with the outside. Their objective: capture Simón Lago (Luis Callejo), a dangerous serial killer. If the guards hand him over, the assault will be over in a matter of minutes. But Hugo (Alberto Ammann), the prison warden, refuses to obey and prepares to resist the attack.

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