THE IMMACULATE ROOM is a new psychological thriller. Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth play opposite one another with so much intensity. It’s absolutely amazing to watch these two. Read our full The Immaculate Room movie review here!

THE IMMACULATE ROOM is a new psychological thriller that has already won several awards at film festivals. Including both Best Feature and Best Actor awards. With Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth delivering amazing performances, it’s easy to understand why.

In smaller roles, we also see Ashley Greene Khoury and M. Emmet Walsh, but the core plot is all about the characters played by Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth. When you watch this movie (and you should), you will definitely be asking yourself: Could I do it? I always like movies that try to make me engage that way.

Continue reading our The Immaculate Room movie review below. The thriller is In Theaters & On Demand from August 19, 2022.

1 room, 2 people, 5 million dollars

That’s the concept of both the movie and the experiment that Mike (Emile Hirsch) and Kate (Kate Bosworth) sign up for; Stay in one room for 50 days and you get $5 million dollars. This seemingly perfect couple are wildly different, which you know will become an issue.

They join this psychological experiment to win the 5 million dollars. Or actually, it becomes obvious that money is more important to one of them – and also why.

Of course, The Immaculate Room is exactly the kind of movie where you’ll immediately wonder if you could do it. Could you stay 50 days in complete isolation with no kind of entertainment or distractions of any kind?

Most would probably say no. Until you put the cash prize of 5 million dollars on the table. Then I’m sure many would at least want to try. Oh, of course, you won’t know that the food consists of one thing for every meal. You’ll be fine, but it definitely won’t distract or entice you in any way.

The Immaculate Room – Review | Psychological Thriller

Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth are amazing

You cannot pull off such a simple concept without some amazing actors. Fortunately, Emile Hirsch (Midnight in the Switchgrass) and Kate Bosworth (The I-Land) are amazing in their respective roles. The two also co-starred in Force of Nature (2020).

Their characters react in very different ways and it’s interesting to see how these wildly different personalities handle the isolation. And also, how they relate to each other – do they comfort or lash out?!

There is only the “Voice” to keep them in check if they think of straying. Sometimes they even break rules they didn’t know existed. However, as the clock ticks down (so very slowly!), the Immaculate Room isn’t quite as isolated anymore.

After all, this is an experiment. That means they’re put through cruel tests (sometimes disguised as “treats”). All in an effort to break their resolve. Each will have to confront old demons while being trapped in The Immaculate Room.

Watch The Immaculate Room in theaters or On-Demand

The Immaculate Room is written and directed by Mukunda Michael Dewil (Vehicle 19). He also has another movie out this year with the title Collide which – based solely on the IMDb rating of 4.1 as of writing this – I’m expecting to be less accomplished.

While I did get irritated when I felt the two main characters were being tricked, I do also get that it was part of the experiment. And yes, they did also just skim across the extensive terms, so they probably agreed to everything that happened to them.

At 88 minutes, this psychological thriller hit the sweet spot in terms of runtime. If you think this sounds interesting, then you’ll probably enjoy it quite a lot. Check it out when you get the chance!

The Immaculate Room is out In Theaters & On Demand from August 19, 2022.


Director: Mukunda Michael Dewil
Cast: Emile Hirsch & Kate Bosworth, Ashley Greene Khoury, M. Emmet Walsh


Mike (Emile Hirsch) and Kate (Kate Bosworth), a seemingly perfect couple, join a psychological experiment to compete for 5 million dollars if they can last 50 days in a sleek, white room in complete isolation. No phones, no family – only the Voice of the Immaculate Room keeping them in check if they think of straying. But as the clock ticks down, the Room becomes more than it seems, putting them through cruel tests to break their resolve and resurfacing private demons which they may not survive.

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