SAME BOAT is a Sci-Fi RomCom about a time-traveling assassin who falls in love with his target. It was filmed secretly aboard a cruise ship which is pretty impressive in itself. And yes, it’s cute and funny sci-fi but worth watching. Read our full Same Boat review here!

Same Boat is a true genre-hybrid of a movie. Sci-Fi combined with Romantic Comedy. However, it never gets super cute or weird about the whole “romantic” aspect, so it’s more of a sci-fi comedy really.

The story revolves around a time-traveling assassin (and his trainee) who falls in love with his target board a cruise ship. Also, the entire movie was filmed secretly aboard said cruise ship. That’s a pretty cool detail and makes the movie feel even more immersive somehow.

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Tonya Glanz and Chris Roberti

The stars of Same Boat are Chris Roberti and Tonya Glanz, who play the time-traveling assassin and his victim respectively. The two have also co-starred in the Sundance Now original series The Adulterers and their chemistry is simply perfect!

Also, I really enjoyed that the characters seemed extremely down to earth and reacted in realistic ways. Sure, this is a comedy and even a Romantic-Comedy (or rom-com, if you will), but it’s also pretty dark.

Not just in the sense of the whole time-traveling assassin element, but in it’s overall approach to dialogue and reactions. It might feel like it runs the tiniest bit long but it’s nothing that ruins the overall experience.

For the record, you may also recognize Tonya Glanz from several episodes of the Tell Me a Story thriller series. And Chris Roberti has been in episodes of the HBO series High Maintenance from 2016-2020.

Same Boat – Movie Review

A happy kind of sci-fi

Look, we wouldn’t normally review a movie such as this since it’s probably too happy and light for this site. However, I do love a good horror-comedy so I wanted to give this a chance as a sci-fi comedy.

Also, the fact that it’s sci-fi makes it relevant for us since it’s one of the genres we cover.

Finally, we need some brightness every now and then. If nothing else, to make the dark seem even darker! Same Boat is a sweet and funny story wrapped up in a sci-fi plot and it’s well worth watching. In other words, give it a shot and support this indie production.

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Chris Roberti stars in Same Boat and he is also the director and co-author.

He came up with the story along with Josh Itzkowitz and Mark Leidner. The actual script was written by Josh Itzkowitz and Chris Roberti. Mark Leidner previously wrote the script for Empathy, Inc. (2018) which Josh Itzkowitz helped produce. A really good genre movie!

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This is the feature film debut for Chris Roberti as a director and writer which is very impressive. I would love to see something a bit darker from him, but either way, I look forward to whatever Chris Roberti does next!

Same Boat is out On Demand from April 7, 2020.


Director: Chris Roberti
Writers: Josh Itzkowitz, Chris Roberti, Mark Leidner
Cast: Chris Roberti, Tonya Glanz, Julia Schonberg, Evan Kaufman, David Bly, Leah Rudick

Plot for Same Boat

James is a time travelling assassin from the 28th century sent to 2018 to kill a woman, but when his intern gets sick and he loses his paperwork he has some time to kill, so to speak. While enjoying the cruise he accidentally falls in love with the woman he’s supposed to kill. 

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