THE DOOMSDAY CULT OF ANTARES DE LA LUZ on Netflix is a Chilean true crime documentary. Rarely have I watched a fascinating case presented this boring. Read our full The Doomsday Cult of Antares de la Luz documentary review here!

THE DOOMSDAY CULT OF ANTARES DE LA LUZ is a new Netflix documentary. It’s about a cult in Chile, so we’re in the true crime genre. Particularly because human sacrifice is part of the cult.

Unfortunately, this production is not good. It’s slow and downright boring, which honestly should not be possible with this true story. Relevant people are interviewed but even they seem bored. Also, the documentary doesn’t begin with a quick rundown of the case.

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The 2012 apocalypse that never was

In this documentary, we meet a cult focused on the widespread speculation that 2012 was the year of an impending apocalypse. Antares de la Luz, the charismatic leader of a Chilean cult, manipulated his followers in a way that cult leaders usually do.

However, for this particular cult, it ended in a heinous crime beyond what we usually hear. Of course, in this Netflix documentary, it all evolves so slowly that you might have lost interest before they get around to telling you the facts of the crime.

I don’t mind slow-burn storytelling and I don’t struggle with a short attention span, which – for the record – is usually only an issue when something is boring, anyway. People can binge-watch a TV show for an entire day. Don’t tell me that doesn’t require a healthy attention span!

Yet, somehow, through the lens of this Netflix documentary, it just is not interesting. Especially not hearing people make excuses for why they would commit such an unforgivable act!

The Doomsday Cult of Antares de la Luz – Review | Netflix Documentary

Hear from former cult members

As already mentioned, we’re off to a bad start with this Anteras de la Luz documentary as it doesn’t describe the case. Instead, we begin with a police officer talking about the discovery of some bones, and then we start hearing from former members of the Chilean cult.

Years after they were charged with a heinous crime – that you won’t really hear about until much later – they share their “haunting experiences”. As much as I am not a fan of organized religions, they are second in brainwashing only to cults.

In this case, the cult leader is both the second coming of Christ and somehow the father of the Antichrist. There, I revealed what the case is all about as I presume you can now deduct who the human sacrifice will be.

Hint: It isn’t the man who sees himself as the next Jesus Christ, who is getting sacrificed. Thought the whole “The Father and the Son” is an element of the story.

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The new Chilean Netflix documentary with the original title of Antares de la Luz: La secta del fin del mundo is directed by Santiago Correa and written by Valerie Schenkman.

Rarely have I watched a fascinating case presented this boring. In fact, I think just reading up on the cult via Wikipedia would be a much better use of your time. And I usually love anything that has to do with cults.

Sure, you’ll get angry or baffled by what the former cult members have to say, but never bored!

This Chilean true crime documentary has everything going for it on paper. A cult, human sacrifice, and plenty of former members to tell their story. However, it was so slow and boring that I could not feel much of anything while watching it. The runtime is 100 minutes, and it’s too long for this style.

The Doomsday Cult of Antares de la Luz is on Netflix from April 25, 2024.


Almost 10 years after being charged with a heinous crime, former members of a Chilean cult share their haunting experiences.

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