MÍRAME on TUBI is a Mexican Ghost Mystery. It’s definitely also a horror movie with quite a few jump scares. Whatever attracts you to this movie, know that it is slow-burn. Read our full Mirame movie review here!

MIRAME is a new TUBI addition from Mexico. Anyone familiar with ghost stories and Mexican folklore might recognize some of the things mentioned. A movie like The Curse of La Llorona is just one example of a movie that deals with some of the same lore.

Whether you’re curious about the ghost mystery or a classic horror movie with scares here and there, you can check this out on TUBI. It was too slow-burn for me, which is a definite downfall. Also, the main character irritated me because he was written to make stupid choices.

Continue reading our Mírame movie review below. Find it on TUBI from December 19, 2023.

A Mexican Ghost Mystery

In Mírame, we meet the young Lalo. He is a teenager who has just lost his father when the movie opens. He moves in with his grandmother Elena. The two are complete strangers but try to make the best of a terrible situation.

When Lalo finds his dad’s old wristwatch and starts wearing it, a young girl begins appearing to him. Actually, she’s very clearly a ghost and it seems she is haunting him. This leads to both extremely brutal experiences for Lalo and some jump scares for the audience.

To get rid of this ghost, Lalo tries to find out who the mysterious ghost is. Clearly, she’s trying to communicate with him. It just happens in very frightening ways that feel more like attempts on his life.

Mírame – Review | TUBI Horror Mystery

A touch of La Llorona

As mentioned, Mírame (which is Spanish for “Look at me”) has elements of the La Llorona lore. However, this new Mexican Ghost Mystery is not a La Llorona story.

Instead, it just borrows from some of the lore and spins a very personal story. One that you might guess elements of as clues show up, but that doesn’t ruin the movie in any way.

Personally, I feel that this story would’ve worked better if the lead character had been a girl instead of a boy. The story deals with missing girls along the way, and having the main protagonist be a girl would just have made more sense.

To me, anyway, but I also recognize that often movies with a male protagonist reach a wider audience. Then again, the horror and sci-fi genres with their “Final Girl” has always been the one huge exception.

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Pavel Cantu is the director of Mírame which was also co-written by him. The other writers are Veronica Agelenes Franco and Ernesto Murguía. I’m not familiar with any of them, so I can’t speak to whether this is their typical style of filmmaking or storytelling.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 36 minutes, it isn’t a long movie. However, it does feel too slow at times. Slow-burn is good, but this just goes too far with the style of storytelling. Especially as several questions remain when the movie is over. Not huge things, just small plot details.

Still, it’s a new movie with horror elements that you can watch for free on TUBI, so give it a shot and see for yourself, if it’s your kind of thing.

Mírame premieres on TUBI on December 19, 2023.


Director: Pavel Cantu
Writers: Pavel Cantu, Veronica Angeles Franco, Ernesto Murguía
Stars: Axel Alpuche, Claudia Maria Bermúdez, César Brindis


When Lalo becomes haunted by the mysterious ghost of a young girl, he realizes his life is in danger, and sets out to defeat the ghost for good.

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