THE BEAUTY QUEEN KILLER: 9 DAYS OF TERROR on Hulu is a new docu-series in three parts. It’s a true crime where we hear from the victims. Terrifying and strong. Read our full The Beauty Queen Killer: 9 Days of Terror docu-series review here!

The Beauty Queen Killer: 9 Days of Terror on Hulu is a new true-crime docuseries. Over three episodes, this documentary series focuses on one victim in particular: Tina Marie Risico. She was kidnapped, abused, terrorized, and traumatized by killer Christopher Wilder.

She isn’t the only victim interviewed in this docuseries, but the “9 Days of Terror”-part from the title refers to her days trapped by and with Christopher Wilder. His final crime spree – which this is from – happened in 1984, so we get plenty of news clips from this year. Also, a fitting 1980s vibe throughout.

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A cross-country crime spree

The crimes of Christopher Wilder took place for far more than the 9 days, Tina Marie was with him. As far as we know, it took place over 47 days in 1984. Christoper Wilder preyed on young women who were often aspiring models.

For obvious reasons, this led to him earning the moniker of “The Beauty Queen Killer”.

Christopher Wilder started in Florida, where several victims first fell prey to his sick desires. Then he started on his cross-country crime spree which made capturing him all the more difficult. Tina Marie Risico was kidnapped from a mall in South California.

Also, she is just one of the women, we hear from, who survived rampaging killer Christopher Wilder.

The Beauty Queen Killer: 9 Days of Terror – Review | Hulu True Crime Docuseries

Victim or accomplice?

Tina Marie Risico has remained quiet about her harrowing experience from 1984. Now, 40 years later, she’s ready to speak about it, though it still clearly isn’t an easy task. One reason she has waited so long and wants to speak about it now is the way she was portrayed as an accomplice.

This came about due to Christopher Wilder forcing the 16-year-old Tina to help him lure in more victims. I hope people watching this will recognize that a 16-year-old girl (yes, the age bears repeating) who has been held captive and tortured for days, is coerced and has been brainwashed.

Even one of the victims, Dawn, who was lured in via Tina, and managed to survive the ordeal, can accept that it wasn’t something the other girl wanted to do. Of course, Dawn couldn’t understand it at the time. However, she now recognizes that Tina was just trying to survive.

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This 3-part true crime docuseries was produced by 101 Studios and Ample Entertainment for ABC News Studios. It’s a solid documentary that focuses very much on the victims and the crimes as well as the work that went into solving it.

As for the latter, the police were quite slow to recognize that any crimes were happening. Instead opting for the classic “she probably just ran away”-approach. In their defense (not that they deserve it), it did begin in 1980s Florida where the war on drugs was draining resources.

As seen in the Netflix series Griselda which gives a pretty good idea of just how crazy it all was.

For me, the main reason to watch this true-crime documentary is that it focuses on surviving victims. Especially, as the title states, the 16-year-old Tina Marie Risico, who was welcomed home by happy and relieved friends.

However, others questioned her innocence. This reaction is like a second crime imposed on her. Hearing her talk about the difficult choices she had to make to survive captivity is important. We need to recognize and understand victims more – instead of blaming them and wanting to understand killers.

In the case of The Beauty Queen Killer, he was an Australian national with an American father and no sense of remorse. A carpenter, race car driver, and supposed fashion photographer, the world was his oyster. Instead of making the most of his opportunities, he decided to torture and kill women.

The Beauty Queen Killer: 9 Days of Terror is on Hulu from May 16, 2024.


The Beauty Queen Killer: 9 Days of Terror – the shocking true crime docuseries follows the harrowing stories of the women who survived a cross-country kidnapping and murder spree. 40 years later, one of the survivors breaks her silence and how she defied all odds to stay alive at any cost.

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