HOW TO BECOME A CULT LEADER on Netflix is a new documentary series with six half-hour episodes. The tone is light, while the subject is heavy, but it gets the job done. Read our How to Become a Cult Leader docu-series review here!

HOW TO BECOME A CULT LEADER is a new Netflix documentary series about various cult leaders. The focus is on how the person evolves from a “normal” person to becoming a cult leader. Usually resulting in death and tragedy for everyone involved.

There are just six episodes, each with a 30-minute runtime, so it’s quick to watch. In fact, it’s harder to stop watching as the cults escalate in both size and number of victims.

Continue reading our How to Become a Cult Leader docu-series review below. Find it on Netflix from July 28, 2023.

Light tone, heavy subject

Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage is the narrator and makes sure the tone is light. That might sound strange, but it’s a good way to keep people watching. And there are plenty of people who need to look out for cults these days as well.

If you’re at all interested in cults and true crime, then you’ll surely be familiar with all the cult leaders in this documentary series.

How to Become a Cult Leader – Netflix Review

Each episode focuses on one cult leader, but the idea is to follow the evolution (or playbook, if you will) of cult leaders. This also means that while each episode follows the playbook of one particular cult leader, parallels are constantly drawn to other cult leaders.


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As such, it’s as easy as it is scary to watch how similarly they all work.

Watch How to Become a Cult Leader is on Netflix now!

As already mentioned, the focus of this documentary series is on six different cult leaders. So let’s get a quick look at those featured in How to Become a Cult Leader below:

  • Charles Manson is the focus of episode 1
  • Jim Jones is the focus of episode 2
  • Jaime Gomez is featured in episode 3
  • Marshall Applewhite gets the lead in episode 4
  • Shoko Asahara is the cult leader of episode 5
  • Sun Myung Moon is the final cult leader in episode 6

The episodes are designed to show the escalation of cults and work like a charm in that sense. It’s scary!

Any fan of true crime and brainwashing methods used by cults should check this out. For me, it’s especially terrifying to discover how the methods of cult leaders are now also used by politicians!

How to Become a Cult Leader is on Netflix globally from July 28, 2023.


Look inside the cult leader’s playbook for achieving unconditional love, endless devotion and the power to control people’s minds, bodies and souls.

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