THE BABY on HBO Max is a new horror-comedy series with 8 episodes. A surreal horror story that runs a bit too slow at times. It also touches quite a bit on the drama genre in the plot. The actual baby, however, is absolutely brilliant and just works. Read our full The Baby series review here!

THE BABY is a new HBO Max horror-comedy series with 8 half-hour episodes. Obviously, the half-hour thing makes it very binge-worthy, but these episodes will be released weekly, so you have to be patient week after week. Or just wait until all eight episodes have aired, obviously. Of course, this increases the risk of spoilers and you don’t want to be spoiled.

At the heart of this story is a baby that seems to somehow possibly be responsible for a lot of murders. The baby keeps attaching itself to a new woman, who then becomes his mother. Whether she wants to or not!

We received screeners for the first six episodes, so this review is based on that. And yes, I will definitely be watching those final two episodes as well.

Continue reading our The Baby series review below. The new British series premieres on HBO Max on April 24, 2022.

Perfectly cast baby!

While there is definitely a supernatural element to the story in The Baby, it doesn’t turn into any sort of slapstick comedy deal. You won’t see the baby physically killing anyone. This isn’t Chucky in baby form or anything. Not to say anything bad about that particular horror villain icon.

It’s just that The Baby is more of a mindf*ck when it comes to the killing – which is definitely brutal and bloody!

Speaking of the baby responsible for so many deaths, it is perfectly cast, which makes everything work. However crazy that might sound! Albie Hills and Arthur Hills play the one role of this small baby boy and they have the best facial expressions. You both really feel for the small child and fear him. Sometimes even at the same time.

Also, the main protagonist is a 38-year-old woman named Natasha (or just Tasha). She’s annoyed that everyone around her is having kids and no longer have the time to hang out like they used to. So, of course, she becomes the new chosen mother of the baby. In a crazy moment that really sets the stage for this horror comedy.

That’s when her life effectively becomes a surreal horror story.

The Baby – Review | HBO Max Horror-Comedy Series

A surreal horror story begins

When Natasha suddenly – and very unexpectedly – becomes the parent of the infant boy, her life effectively becomes a surreal horror story. Natasha is portrayed wonderfully by Michelle de Swarte (The Duchess). Or rather, she isn’t all that wonderful since she is full of rage. This rage is towards many people and circumstances – though mostly towards her mom and secondly her younger sister.

Her younger sister, Bobbi, is played by newcomer Amber Grappy who also does a great job. Bobbi has her own demon and pushes down any bad feelings and puts on a smile. Of course, that can’t last forever, but she is truly a good and warm soul, so she’ll hurt herself before anyone else.

Their mother, Barbara, is portrayed by Sinéad Cusack, who many should recognize from V for Vendetta or maybe season 1 of Marcella. Another key role is played by Amira Ghazalla (Sense8) who quickly becomes a sidekick (of sorts) for Natasha as she tries to understand what’s going on.

I should mention that there is also a lot of diversity (in terms of both race and sexuality), so we cover a lot of ground with this series. Including via flashback. And yes, we are also served yet another unwanted round of “bury your gays” in an extremely stereotypical and trope-laced storyline. Yes, it sucks… it always does. And that’s all I’ll say about that!

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The Baby is a co-production between HBO and SKY and is produced by SISTER (Jane Featherstone, Carolyn Strauss, and Naomi de Pear). The same producers that gave us the HBO series Chernobyl, Landscapers, and This is Going to Hurt. The series is co-created by Siân Robins-Grace and Lucy Gaymer.

The episodes in the series are directed by Stacey Gregg, Faraz Shariat (Druck), Ella Jones, and Nicole Kassell (Watchmen, Castle Rock, Westworld).

While I did feel that this horror-comedy series had a bit too little horror or comedy at times, I did enjoy it as a whole. Not the “bury your gays”-element, of course, but I hope that goes without saying. Also, the story runs a bit too slow at times, but it never stays in the “slow lane” for too long.

The Baby premieres on HBO Max with episode 1 on April 24, 2022. Weekly episodes will follow with the final episode airing on June 12, 2022.


Stars: Michelle De Swarte, Amira Ghazalla, Amber Grappy, Patrice Naiambana, Sinéad Cusack, Shvorne Marks, Isy Suttie, Tanya Reynolds, Seyan Sarvan, Karl Davies, Divian Ladwa


38-year-old Natasha is furious that her closest friends are all having babies. But when she is unexpectedly landed with a baby of her own, her life dramatically implodes. Controlling, manipulative, but incredibly cute, the baby twists Natasha’s life into a surreal horror show. As she discovers the true extent of the baby’s deadly nature, Natasha makes increasingly desperate attempts to get rid of it. She doesn’t want a baby. But the baby definitely wants her.

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