SURVIVING DEATH is a new Netflix docu-series about death. Of course, this means many episodes have paranormal elements. While some of these episodes do have interesting elements, it becomes way too fluffy for my liking. Read our Surviving Death documentary series review here!

SURVIVING DEATH is a new Netflix docu-series with six episodes that are each around the one-hour mark. Each episode is about death – in one way or another.

This obviously means various paranormal experiences are part of this documentary. For me, the Netflix docu-series Haunted is so much better. This new documentary feels more like a production that belongs on TLC instead.

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The fascination with (and taboo of) death

Throughout the world, people deal with death in many different ways. Some people see it as the definitive end while others believe we move on to our next life. And then there are those who believe we hang around as ghosts.

No matter what your own beliefs are, Surviving Death will probably do nothing to sway these. If you believe in the paranormal, then there is lots of stuff here to help you continue with that belief. If you do not believe in ghosts, then I imagine this will be a rather cringe-worthy watch in many ways.

I land somewhere in the middle, where I do believe there is more than meets the eye. And I also believe that some people can see or feel more than others. I do not believe that many of the people who have the paranormal as a hobby are necessarily gifted.

What I did like about this new Netflix docu-series is the approach to death. The “What happens when we die?” approach seems very positive somehow and deals with death as something natural that we need not fear. Of course, no one actually really dies in Surviving Death which makes the title a bit strange. But hey, it is catchy!

Surviving Death – Netflix Review

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I am always curious about paranormal experiences. Whether they involve ghosts and hauntings or someone who has died and been resuscitated with stories to tell. It fascinates and intrigues me!

However, with Surviving Death, I couldn’t help but feel that the topic of death and the paranormal was more of a lifestyle than an experience. Sure, there are good and interesting stories throughout these episodes. Yet, my overall experience was tainted by all these people who are desperately trying to make me believe something.

By no means would I describe me as a “non-believer” in life after death or even ghosts. Still, I do not believe that a piece of plastic with glowsticks will tell me whether a ghost is in the room or not. Also, I wanted more of the personal and concrete stories for this docu-series to really work for me.

All six episodes of Surviving Death are out on Netflix from January 6, 2020.


Over six episodes, Surviving Death explores questions that have been contemplated throughout time: What does it mean to die, and is death the end of our existence? Weaving together innovative new research with firsthand accounts from those who’ve been close to—and even experienced—death, the series takes viewers on an extraordinary journey into a world beyond human existence as we know it.

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