PERDIDA aka STOLEN AWAY is a series on Netflix from Spain. We’re in the thriller, crime, and mystery genres with a story that gets brutal fast. The season has 11 episodes, so there’s plenty of entertainment ahead. Read our Stolen Away/Perdida series review here and watch it on Netflix!

PERDIDA is a new Netflix thriller-crime series from Spain, also known as Stolen Away. Please note, there is also an Argentinian movie from 2018 titled Perdida read our review of the Perdida (2018) movie here >

This new series has a plot perfect for the thriller, crime, and mystery genres with a story that gets brutal fast.

Continue reading our Perdida series review below. All 11 episodes in season 1 are out on Netflix now!

The wonderful cast of Perdida

The cast of Perdida is really good. There are quite a lot of characters, but they’re all well established as the story evolves.

Daniel Grao portrays the lead character, and main protagonist, Antonio Santos. He has previously been in the horror movie Julia’s Eyes from 2010, which is among our favorite foreign language horror movies. Also, he co-starred in the 2018 thriller Unbridled (org. title Animales sin collar).

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From her first scene, I have to say the public defender, Angelita, makes quite the impression. Her storyline is definitely one of the most interesting and Adriana Paz does an excellent job of portraying this character. You might recognize Adriana Paz from the Netflix series Vis a vis or the Spanish thriller El autor (2017). Also, she was in the “I”-segment of The ABCs of Death (2012).

Perdida / Stolen Away: Season 1 – Netflix Review

A story told through flashbacks

The mystery part of this new Perdida series has a lot to do with the flashbacks, we see from the very beginning of the storyline. It won’t come as much of a surprise (especially if you’ve read the plot), but it does unfold in a very good way.

Sometimes, chronological stories with flashbacks to explain backstory can be challenging. Actually, they can be downright terrible to watch and impossible to follow. With Perdida (which is called Stolen Away on IMDb as the international title), it works perfectly.

I also really enjoy that this story has so many interesting characters. And, even more important, characters with many layers. Everyone has their own reason for doing what they do. For some, it’s money and power, but for others, it’s all about keeping loved ones safe. Or simply looking for revenge and feeling like there’s nothing left to lose.

Watch season 1 of Perdida [Stolen Away] on Netflix now!

Three creators are behind the new Netflix series. The creators are Natxo López (head writer on Caronte), Ruth García (creator of El incidente), and David Oliva. Most recently, Ruth García and David Oliva also worked on the sci-fi series Paraíso which was co-written and directed by Fernando González Molina. Yes, the same Fernando González Molina who directed the Baztan trilogy.

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More writers have taken part in writing the 11 episodes of the season, while three directors have shared the job of directing all episodes. Iñaki Peñafiel (The Time In Between), Rafa Montesinos (Dioses y perros), and David Ulloa (The Plague) are the directors of Perdida.

If you’re fearing a very soapy and dramatic series – something many Spanish-language series are famous for – then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s a story full of loss and a search for revenge!

Perdida [Stolen Away] season 1 is out on Netflix from October 23, 2020.


Creators: Natxo López, Ruth García, David Oliva
Stars: Daniel Grao, Carolina Lapausa, Melani Olivares, Adriana Paz, Ana Maria Orozco, David Trejos, Fernando Solórzano, Jon Arias, Juan Carlos Messier, Verónica Velásquez


Searching for his kidnapped daughter, Antonio sets off a series of events affecting scores of people when he maneuvers to be sent to prison in Colombia.

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